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extending network using express

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by jaspertang, Nov 28, 2008.

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    i have an airport extreme 802.11n and airport express 802.11n that i use to extend my network. why is it that when i am in the range of the extended network(express), transferring of files gets slow but when i am in the range of the extreme my transfers are fast? i have the new aluminum macbook.

    ISP is connected to the extreme. i have an external HDD connected to the extreme. transferring files to the external HDD slows down when i am in the range of the express.

    thank you. hope someone can tell me how to remedy this problem
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    when you are wirelessly extending your network you will see a drop in speed of approximately half for each wireless base station you cross.
    basically each unit is using half for upload and half for download.

    so 1 wireless jumps would give you 1/2 speed.
    and 2 wireless jumps would give you 1/4 speed.
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    ok. thank you. is there no way to remedy that situation?

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