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external display and MBA with closed lid

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by backspacebroke, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Hey all,

    I recently got a MBA 1.8 SSD revb and I love it!
    The only thing that is bugging me is that I can seem to close the lid and use the external display only. I am using a usb apple keyboard with ethernet plugged into keyboard and mouse. I wait around 45 seconds, clicking mouse and keyboard for the ext display to come back up but it never does and the computer just sleeps

    any help would be appreciated
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    You have your power adapter connected while trying this?
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    It is connected when trying this
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    Same setup with apple full kb. I end up opening lid slightly to click track pad button. On my acer 24" I get white noise , anyone else?
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    I run movies in clamshell mode and lucky me, I have a remote to operate my MBA while in clamshell mode. If you have a remote, just pair it up and you're good to go; if you don't have a remote, you can pick one up for about $20...
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    It should be able to work in clamshell mode. Try waiting a bit more. I ran my MacBook in clamshell mode and had to wait nearly a minute for it to start in clamshell mode.
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    With everything connected and the MBA off, press the power button and immediately close the lid. This works for me with my RevA via DVI to my 22" Acer.
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    NC MacGuy

    Have you tried it without ethernet dongle?
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    While LCD is open, goto Sys Pref, Display, click Gather displays. pays to calibrate the external display (use TV gamma 2.2, its darker and very clear colors). Then close the LCD lid. It should switch the display to external only and not even attempt to sleep!. Try using mini-DVI to full DVI connector as it is digital signal. If it does not displace correctly, switch external resolution to one notch below max resolution.

    Works perfect for my Samsung 24inch and AOC 22 inch TN panels.:p

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