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External drive...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by lbmontez, Jun 18, 2011.

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    My iBook obviously needs more storage space. Replacing the internal hdd is really complicated, and while I'm sure I could do it I don't think I really want to. Waaaaaaay too easy to make a mistake. When I had my Acer netbook, I got this really nice 500GB external drive...question is, can I reformat that external drive to be compatible with my iBook? It would save quite a bit of money and time.
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    It should work fine without reformatting. If u want to reformat it,
    Utilities> Disk Utility
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    tom vilsack

    another option...if your external drive supports firewire,you could install osx to that and use as system drive (must be firewire,as ppc mac's can't boot from usb)
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    I don't suppose anyone knows what the max limit for an iBook's hdd? Like, how many gigs can I put in there with a whole new drive? I was thinking of putting a 250gb hd in mine...
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    120GB is the largest the iBook G3 can "use". Anything more and it's not accessible. Your G3 should see your external if it's formatted as FAT32 but not NTFS.

    added. Also I wouldn't advise using an external drive as a bootup partition on a portable computer :)
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    Mine's a G4...I really ought to fix my signature to show things like that.
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    Sorry, just assumed it was a G3 :eek: Must have been reading another thread on a iBook G3 and it just crossed reference in my brain lol.

    Well then that's good. You won't have a limit. The largest drive you can slam in that puppy is the WD 320gb drive. As that's the largest capacity IDE drive made.
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    Oh that's awesome! Thanks for your help! Now I'll have a fun project to work on at some point.

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