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Eyetv, ios eyetv app and stealth mode

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by afd, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. afd
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    I have been trying to get my eye tv application running on my iMac to work with the eyetv app on my iPhone 4 and iPad. A month or so, the various then current versions of the app would allow everything to work on my iPhone 3G and not on my iPad. Now with updated eyetv apps on all 3 devices, it only works when stealth mode is turned off in the iMacs firewall setting. I have a g5 iMac running leopard.
    Anyone else experienced this? Also, how bad a thing is turning off stealth mode?
    I was unsure where to post this but went for this section.
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    I'm not positive but I think the newer versions of eyetv software require an intel Mac for everything to work properly. Maybe post your question at the "eyetv lounge" site. Elgato's tech-support guys answer many of the questions posted there.
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    Elgato support forum is great - check 'em out.
  4. afd
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    Really? I tried them before, but never got a reply. That's why I tried here.
  5. afd
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    You need an intel mac for watching live tv, watching recordings works. At least it did with stealth mode off. It's also useful to set it to record remotely.
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    Link me your post there and I'll check it out, normally staffers reply pretty quick though. Gotta remember they are on German time!
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    you aren't alone - I've been having this issue with my macbook pro (2009). I have to turn the firewall off for the iOS app to work. If not, my kernel and firewall logs get flooded with connection attempts from the iOS app (plus it doesn't connect the device)

    Been trying to get this fixed for a while.
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    Have you filed a bug report?
  9. afd
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    No. Like I said before, I didn't have a positive experience with their support before so I posted here. Looking at their site they seem to know about it as they recommend turning off stealth mode.

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