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F@H: Countdown to #1

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Rower_CPU, Jun 21, 2003.

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    #1 Mac team, that is...

    According to ExtremeOCing, we will pass Team Mac OS X around 3 PM tomorrow (June 22).

    Great job, everyone, in accomplishing this long-term goal so quickly. :D
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    Sweet!, maybe some will join us to stay in the number 1 team :)
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    being #1 and more members would be nice :)

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    Team Mac OS X is already gearing up to challenge us. See this thread on their site.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Hopefully we can keep the production up over the whole summer and have enough to keep us ahead the rest of the year.

    And who know how the new 970s will change the rankings ;)

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    Im sure they will, at least my personal ranking :)
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    Time to have a little 'fun' at their forums.

    Lets clear some air of confusion.
  8. pEZ
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    Thanks, MrMacMan, that definitely needed to be said. As far as ANY of us know, nobody from MacAddict has changed teams - and even though a Mac superteam would be awesome, IMO, I get the vibe from that post that nobody from Team MacOSX will do it. Kinda sucks.
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    Yeah well I thought something had to be said, so why not.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Woohoo! Way to go - maybe we should standardize the sig - make it more noticeable....I'll change mine too :D

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    Good idea on the standard sig...let's bang one out.

    Mine is:
    Join MacRumors.com - Team Folding, and be a part of the #1 Mac Folding team!

    Could be better, though...
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    :D Wooooo! I just checked the team stats and saw it too! We moved up another position and we're the top Mac team! I'll modify my sig too.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Make a difference and be part of the #1 Mac Folding team!

    MacRumors Team Folding - The #1 Producing Apple Team

    Do You Fold? #1 Apple Team ---> MacRumors Team

    Ok, my creativity is shot tonight - maybe tomorrow I'll have something catchier....

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    I like the first one, D...I'll chew on it for a while...
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    Hey, I just had an idea. I know it's a big news week, what with WWDC tomorrow and all, but maybe an article can be posted on the MacRumors front page that we're the top Mac team now. I mean, that is news, right?
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    Way ahead of you. ;)

    I talked to arn about it last night. He's going to do an article on Tues/Weds once the WWDC news has had a chance to die down. :)
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    Cool. That should generate some more excitement about folding and help boost us even more.
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    That's the idea. We've got a shot at the top 20 if we can break through the 50k/week barrier. :eek: :D

    Advertising on the front page would really help bring in some fresh blood.
  20. pEZ
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    Front billing is ALL we need. Sounds like a plan.

    .....changing the sig.....
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