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Facebook notifications with no Internet connection?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by kawasakirider, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, is it possible for a notification from Facebook to appear on an iPad 2 without Internet access? It's a wifi only iPad and there's no wifi available.

    After 12 tonight, a notification for someone's birthday appeared on the iPad, but I didn't set an alarm for it, so how is this possible? Or did someone set an alarm for it without my knowledge?

    I'm not actually sure it was FB - all I can remember was "it's [name] birthday today" and didn't think anything of it, but was amazed.

    Can FB dates be saved into the iPad automatically? Thanks for any help, these sure are smart pieces of tech :)
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    Facebook is watching you, internet connection or not...

    What Facebook applications do you have installed on your iPad?
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    How would you get a notification if you are not connected? No sorry you won't. Unless there some osmosis way of you getting notified!
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    The standard ipad FB app and another one that I don't use.

    I've got no idea how it happened... I was away for internet connection for hours before 12am, and when it hit 12, the notification was there.
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    Apple OC

    it is a new feature of Facebook that works through your WiFi whether you are connected or not ... do you like it?
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    I'm looking for real answers, not BS from people who think I'm gullible enough to believe it.

    Is there a way for the notification to be saved into the ipads alarm system so it goes off, regardless of whether or not the net is connected?
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    Perhaps it's using Local Notifications and not Push Notifications. With push, it would require an internet connection (if you get wall posts and the like). With Local, the app could have seen upcoming birthdays when you first connected it to Facebook online and set up Local notifications to inform you when those days arrive.
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    Think this is it. The app probably saved the friend and birthday info in the app for this exact purpose.
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    It was almost certainly a local notification from one of the apps you have installed.

    You can read more than you ever wanted to know about local notifications in iOS here.

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