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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by sheilnaik, Jun 13, 2013.

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    For those who have iOS 7 installed, can you quickly run a 5 minute Facetime audio call with another iOS 7 user and note the amount of data a call uses? I think many of us are wondering if Facetime audio can be used day-to-day since many have limited data available to them.

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    At this point it won't make much difference because FaceTime audio is limited to WiFi only. Just FYI.
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    Are you sure? A commenter at iMore said it worked over Verizon's cell: http://m.imore.com/comment/421418#comment-421418. Maybe it's limited to WiFi for AT&T only?
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    WHERE has this been confirmed to be WIFI only?

    This works just fine without WIFI, across networks even.

    2 nights ago I did facetime audio using an AT&T iPhone5 on 4G and a Verizon iPhone 5 on...
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    Would you mind checking your AT&T data logs to see how much data that call used? It would answer a question I think many people have been wondering. Thank you!
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    It's possible that it works fine during the beta process, but it will most likely be turned off by carriers before release. Remember how FaceTime worked fine in the beta at first and then was turned off by some carriers?
    PLUS, I remember Craig F. saying in the keynote that it would be WiFi only at launch. Just look towards the end of the keynote when he brings up the slide with all the additional features, the first one he mentions is FaceTime Audio over wifi.
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    Under data usage it says 2.8MB, the call history logs it as: "Outgoing FaceTime Audio - 5 minutes (340 B)"

    I have no idea what 340 B means.
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    It depends on a few factors, but no matter what, even 1 MBps would be excessive for voice calls. Use that as a reference if you want to be on the safe side.
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    Most likely it'll be available for people with shared data plans, like FaceTime Video already is.
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    There's no perhaps about this, go watch the keynote. Apple's official word on this is WiFi only. Whether or not that will change over time is a different story.

    Besides, the shared data plans deal won't stick again. AT&T is already changing their policy and will enable FaceTime for all iPhones by the end of the year.


    That means 340 bytes. Which is pretty low for 5 minutes. That means 68 bytes per minute. That's awesome!
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    Awesome? Not really ;) No way are they able to compress audio that well and still make it sound acceptable. Either the minute or data counter is way off, or there was a LOT of silence during those five minutes...
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    During the keynote they said WiFi only.
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    I'm no sound tech. I was just elaborating on data provided by a previous poster. I don't have iOS7 installed on 2 devices so I can't try it myself.
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