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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hcuar, Sep 10, 2004.

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    Quick!!! I need to know before tomorrow at 10am PST!!! Should I get the extra 256Mb of Apple ram with my new PB or get the 512Mb of Crutial ram from Newegg. I realize they cost the exact same, but I'm extremly worried about buying anything other than Apple ram. Plus, I'd like the Apple store guys to install it tomorrow. (Scared of breaking the new PB).

    I can't believe my good luck. After a year or so of whining and pleading, I've finally talked the wife into buying one! Better move quick before she changes her mind. ;-)
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    Go with the 512MB - but just make sure it is appropriate for your PB (the guys from NewEgg will help you there. Apple RAM is nothing special, aside from the price.
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    Buy the 512MB chip. Its a user-installable part (per Apple) so that means that its easy to install :D
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    If you're worried and they're the same price, it's a no-brainer ... Apple RAM!

    And yes, hurry before the wife dashes your PB dreams! ;)
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    Duff-Man says...they are the same price but the Crucial ram is 512MB and the Apple is 256MB.

    Go with the Crucial. Installing RAM is very simple and Crucial are a very reputable dealer....oh yeah!
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    Ok... 4 to 1 in favor of Crucial... ;-) So.. the real question is now. How much faster is going PB going to be with 512 Mb versus 768 Mb? Just checking. If it's not much... I'd still consider the Apple Ram. (I know it's silly... I've just never seen anyone complain about Apple Ram before.)

    In addition... Not to keep this dragging on... but... How about Corsair, PNY, or Kingston? Good for my new little PB or not? I can get even cheaper in town after rebates!
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    I have. Just check their prices. They ask for too damn much.

    I mean...unless you work with audio editing or video editing, then there will be almost no performance difference, since those two processes require large amounts of RAM. Also, if you work in Photoshop with small to medium-sized images, a lot of RAM over medium amount of RAM isn't going to help much.

    To respond to your edit: www.18004memory.com usually has the cheapest deals on RAM, but, as Lemon pointed out a few months ago, www.ramseeker.com is where you should go to check to see what your cheapest RAM is.
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    Thanks for the recommendation. However... Compusa has Kingston or PNY for $64 to $75 after rebate. So... the question is... Is it any good for a PB?
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    as long as the Kingston or PNY have lifetime warranties and are the right size then go with them, the reason being, if they have a lifetime warranty you dont really have to worry because if they are duds/lemons you can easily replace it....i know crucial's ram has a lifetime warranty, thats part of what makes them great
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    Apple probably gets their RAM from Crucial anyway and up's the price, so I'd go with the 512 and get more bang for your buck. After it's installed, you won't know the difference anyway.
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    Well... I think I'll go with Kingston. It has a lifetime warrenty. It's in stock at all of our 10 Best Buy stores. Plus it's only going to cost $78.99. ;-) Much better thatn $200.00 from Apple. If it doesn't work... I'll take it back!
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    Powerbook go fast with 768MB total.
    To rip off the Mazda commercial: Zoom Zoom Zoom!!!

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