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Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by dvdh, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Well it is February in about half the world, so I'm starting this one off. . . .

    Fullsize (1024x768)

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    Not February here yet, but here's mine:

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    Still have almost two and a half hours until February here, but what the heck.
    The first one's from my B&W, and the second one's from my iBook G4.



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    Mine this month!

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    mine: it brightens my day whenever i look it it b/c its my special someone

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    dsharits, i love your "it's a macintosh thing" desktop. do you have a link to the original?

    here's mine. :) i'll keep the barbie pink until valentine's day. the pictures change every 30 min., this one is by far the most decent of the lot. :D

    Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
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    I know this sounds a bit dim but how do you post your desktops online? :rolleyes:
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    to take a screenshot press command+shift+3, you can then open that PDF in preview and export it to a jpeg and then just add that picture as an attachment in your post
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    Well, here's mine (original res 1920 x 1200, shrunk to 640 x 400 to save bandwidth):


    Made the wallpaper myself. :)
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    umm...yeah, it's my desktop

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    Here's mine. Simple as usual with only a few icons on the desktop. Adium is in the corner with a color scheme to match the desktop. iTunes is playing The Music's Welcome to the North album. My dock is hidden off to the top right.

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    My Powerbook is out at AppleCare right now getting some things fixed, so unfortunately, I leave you all with my Windows desktop... It is probably the most pleasant one you'll see though....

    EDIT: It's a custom XP Skin, with matching Firefox and Trillain skins, made by these guys: Enhanced Labs

    Lee Tom

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    Custom XP skin, or is that Longhorn? (Sure reminds me of some Longhorn screenshots I've seen... especially the Windows logo in the lower-left corner, where the Start menu should be.)
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    wrc fan

    here's my desktop for the month, the structure is Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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    This mine. Waiting for Spring!!!

    BTW, This is my 500th post here at Macrumors!

    Thanks everyone for being the best forum ever!

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    Here's mine...
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    First pic of my desktop on MR.

    Apologies that it's on a PC. But having bought an iBook for my daughter last year, and I'll probably be getting a Mac Mini for my son soon, so the purchase of my own Mac will have to wait. Oh well, the joys of parenthood :)

    For those that are curious about the pic, it's Jaques Cousteau's daughter diving in the fresh water caves in the Yucatan in Mexico. Not a place to get lost, because it's 100% pitch black in there and some of these underater tunnels are literally miles long.

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    Mine isn't much different to last month :) But I'm in a wi-fi cafe now so haven't got the external drives plugged in. There's another mac user across the table from me... hehe. I guess my downloading from iTunes is sucking the bandwidth.

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    My desktop this month... Sunflowers for her ;) ... (800 x 600 to reduce space) ...


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    Ok, here's mine. BTW, I planned to start this thread this month, but completely forgot about it until I saw it this morning. D'oh!

    I reduced file size to 100KB.

    image removed by moderator after reported by users. please keep it clean.

    Edit: :confused: Was it really that bad? I mean it was a manga girl in underwear, nothing too hard. I guess it's my European origin, that makes me less offended? Well, sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Yeah, i plan to start it just about every month then i forget or someone in a different time zone beats me to it.

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