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  1. Baracken, Oct 23, 2011
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Just bought an ipad2 and have to say that I'm pretty disappointed.

    Well my problem is that on the keyboard it shows that if I longpress on "." I should get "?" but instead I get """, why?

    Then if someone knows if there's going to be a app for spotify to the Ipad, hate how the iPhone app looks, this weren't a problem on my samsung galaxy tab.

    Just one thing more, why not 1080p videorecording? And why no options in the camera?

    Just remembered, I have problems with the Tapatalk app on the Ipad I can't find were I can post new threads. In my galaxy s2 I just simply push the menu key

    Why don't I get push notification when I get email?

    Now I can't remember more things I have problems with. Please help me
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    Nov 10, 2010
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    Oct 23, 2011
    This forum was useless,if this was the other forum i'm active in (for android) I would have gotten a good answer. All you could come up with was the user manual, why thank you. No never a forum for apple
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    Sorry this place is not up to scratch. Disgusting that you had to wait a full 10 minutes for your first reply. Had you bothered to read the linked pdf file you would have found that pages 26-29 have a fairly comprehensive guide to the keyboard. You have been apparently misinformed on the <longpress on "." I should get "?" but instead I get """> issue. There is already a query mark on the standard keyboard, so no need for you to hold any key down to reach it.

    I'm afraid I don't use Spotify so can't comment, except to say that if you don't like the interface the correct people to address this issue would be the Spotify App developers.

    The iPhone 4S does 1080 I think, the iPad2 does 720. That's how it is. The camera has options to zoom, turn on a composition grid, and to set and to lock the exposure. Page 51 of the manual linked to above.

    I don't use Tapatalk so have no idea. Have you looked on the Tapatalk forums? I'm sure it can't be that difficult, as most of the heavy users on social networking sites are not the brightest coins in the money box, and they seem to manage ok. If my sister can use facebook etc etc.....

    As for the email settings, you would need to be a bit more specific - I assume you're talking about iOS 5, and maybe synching your mail with your www.cloud.com account and your main computer (is it Win or OS X?). Anyway, check the settings on your iPad as follows:
    running. Did you activate these things?
    "Settings" --> "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" --> "Fetch New Data" (here you have to turn on "Push" or select a Fetch schedule) --> "Advanced" --> "iCloud" --> select Push or Fetch
    "Settings" --> "Notifications" --> "Mail" turn on Notification Center and configure what you like.

    I hope I have gone some way toward bringing the standard of help up to that to which you are accustomed. If not, you will find plenty of people here willing to buy your useless iPad2 so you can go back to a more advanced Android offering. :)
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Email I use is gmail and have selected push notification.
    Never said that the ipad is useless but yea i think the androids is good.

    The keyboard issue is that it shows a ? Above . So i assume it would give me ? When i longpress it as every other device i've used does, but i have swedish as a language so maybe it differ from yours.

    In the camera i'm used to have the chance to select the resolution.

    And for spotify and tapatalk i just asked if someone new, tryed twitter spotify and got no answer
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Nvm on the email issue, got it fixed
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    To type a ? You have to hold down the up-arrow key- just like on a full size keyboard key. Or you can hit the .?123 key to switch to the numeric/symbol layout, then you will find a dedicated ? Key in the centre on the lower row.

    I know it's frustrating to have to re-learn all the little basics that you thought you already knew, but that's what happens when you change from one os to another. Give it a week or so and you'll be fine.
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    Oct 23, 2011
    that was one problem solved, thank you.

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