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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Futhark, May 22, 2013.

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    Can someone help me setup file sharing remotely, I have managed to setup a VPN connection and it's working because i can login into my server at home from work and it allows me to make changes to my setup etc but for the life of me i don't know where or how to access my share files? When i'm on my home network the server shows up under finder but that is not the case when i'm in work, What am i doing wrong? :confused:
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    Just an update to say I've figured out to get a Remote Desktop of my server but I'm having to zip the files I need and email them to myself which isn't really convenient :) any help would be appreciated.
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    I'm having the same problem. Any help appreciated.

    Using IPsec to connect to a Fritz!box 7390 router at home
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    Have you had any luck?
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    This (a bonjour feature) isn't working over VPN connection.
    You have to google for "wide area bonjour" set up and configuration.
    But, connected, you can use finders "go to" with the IP of the server...
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    Thanks for this info. I'll look into it
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    Tip: Instead of trying to get "wide area bonjour" to work, try to get programms -> automator to work for you :)
    tell application "System Events"
    tell current location of network preferences
    set VPNservice to service "VPN (L2TP)" -- name of the VPN service
    if exists VPNservice then connect VPNservice
    end tell
    end tell

    delay (2)

    tell application "Finder"
    mount volume "afp://yourServer IP/share" as user name "User" with password "Password"
    end tell

    ...and save it as app and place it in the dock...
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    Maybe I missed it (sorry if I have) but I'm not seeing what you are using as your work machine.

    Assuming you have a windows PC you should be able to access your server via an IP based UNC: \\\sharename

    A working example for me at work is this: \\\Logs

    That would allow you to browse and even create a windows drive letter.

    Alternatively as you are running osx server. Startup the FTP server component and then you should be able to use the ftp client in windows to access the server and push/pull files.
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    I use this to display remote server in Finder (AFP in this case):
    ssh  -L 54800: -N user@server -g &
    trap "kill $!" SIGINT SIGHUP SIGTERM
    dns-sd -P "Name_In_Finder" _afpovertcp._tcp local 54800 localhost.local. local_IP_Adress
    // -g causes that this shared source is available for whole client's network - I use modified version to share iTunes over VPN ;)

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