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File Transfer Question

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by joeyjojoe, Sep 26, 2003.

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    So I finally got my new Powerbook 15" and am now trying to get everthing off my desktop PC onto the firewire drive I have connected to the Powerbook.

    I read some other thread where they said using an ethernet cable between the two machines would be the best solution. I did that and had no problem getting the computers to see each other. I then decided to use Direct Connect/FTP instead of normal file sharing so that I can resume in case something goes wrong.

    My problem is that I'm only getting 500 kB/s throughput between the two machines. I would think it should be a lot higher since the Powerbook has gigabit ethernet and my PC has a 10/100. Is there something I need to do to increase the bandwidth (FYI, I looked at both computers and they both recognize it as a 100MB connection). At this rate it will take me a couple of days to transfer my 100GBs or data. Any help?
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    Very weird, are you using an ethernet hub between the 2 systems, if so make sure its not 10 Mbit
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    Re: File Transfer Question

    500 kilo BYTE/s = 4000 kilo BIT/s

    4000 kbit/s = 4 mbit/s

    there is about a 10% protocol overhead, then we're on somewhat less 5mbit, which is i believe the speed of a half-duplex 10mbit ethernet... So if you have a 10mbit HUB, that's about what you're gonna get.

    Mind you, im not saying that a 100mbit switch is 10 times as fast.. because it simply isn't in r/l
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    nope, no hub between them, and the cable is high quality.

    i don't think its a problem with the ftp server either.

    it seems like the mac is maxing at 500 kB down (i've tried downloading other ways also). is there some option in the mac (i'm new to macs) that varies transfer rates?
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    nobody has any other ideas? at this rate it will take a couple of days to transfer my files. there has to be something on the powerbook limiting the connection.
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    still clueless about why this happened, but at least i got a workaround by installing macdrive into the pc and transferring files tha way. hopefully its not a permanent issue and i'll be able to get more than 500 kB/s throughput off each port.
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    It sounds to me as if there is a lot of error correction and re-transmitting going on. You'd be better off with a bridge and two Category 5e cables.
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    i checked the "network utility" and it said there were only 62 error packeds in 4 million. that isn't a high number, and i think that was caused because i unplugged the ethernet cable several times.

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