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Final Cut Pro memory problem- help!

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by GEMS, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Please help!

    I'm using final cut 3 on OS X 10.4.
    I've been happily capturing footage, and making sure my capture folder is cleaned out regularly so there's lots of space for new footage. And there's 53GB of free memory on my scratch discs.

    BUT... it's decided to start telling me that my startup disc is full and to go and delete things from it. I've gone to the startup disc and can't see that there's anything to delete.

    Looked on help and it told me that I can't change the memory allocation for applications on OS X.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    So tell us: How many Gb are available on your Startup disk (the hard drive your Mac boots from?
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    to be exact... 53.37 available (from 120gig)
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    So you only have one hard drive then? I ask because you mentioned scratch discs in your first post which normally refers to a secondary hard drive purely for video / images whatever.
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    I didn't even know you could run Final Cut Pro 3 on Tiger!

    That could be a problem..:)

    Trash preferences? I really don't know much about Final Cut 3.
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    Please excuse my technical ignorance!

    My scratch discs are directed to my 120 gig hard drive (the main one that the computer runs off)

    ... on the scrtach discs it registers that there is 53gig of memory left to use

    I also have another 40 gig hard drive... for all my extra applications and video files

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    go to versiontracker and dload 'whatsize'

    fantastic little app which will tell you where you space has gone (which files are sucking it up ;)

    sounds like it could be render files?
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    Are you just doing "capture now" or are you setting in and out points? If you aren't using in and out points I would suggesting trying that. Using "capture now" makes FCP section off a large portion of the HDD because it doesn't know how long the capture is going to be. This may be the problem. There is a check box in the menu where you assign the scratch disks that limits the length of "capture now" (by default it's 30min, but you can change it to whatever you want). By limiting the "capture now" length you'll limit the amount of HDD space FCP grabs while using the "capture now" feature.

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    Thank you everybody who helped me... limiting the capture now has done the trick!

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