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Finally! (how to check if RAM is recognized)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by crazyskillz07, Feb 29, 2008.

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    So I am finally on my first mac! I went to the apple store today and bought this white 2.4GHz macbook! I just put 4GB of ram in from crucial. It took about 3 minutes! lol. I love this machine. I just have one question. I ran geekbench right before I went from 2GB ram to 4GB and it is still showing the same numbers. Both times were around 3150 total score. Did I install the ram incorrectly. How can I check to see if all 4Gb are being recognized?
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    If your computer booted up, it's probably installed okay

    Go to About This Mac and see if it says 4GB
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    Much Ado

    Hi there :)

    Press the little :apple: in the top left hand corner of your screen. Then hit 'About This Mac'. It should show you the installed memory.
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    Look under "About this Mac" (under the apple menu).
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    Great! It says 4GB! I love mac. I have to think of a good place to put the apple stickers they gave me in the box. lol And I love how my spelling is corrected everywhere. It's great!:D
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    what size hard drive? Did you get a BlackBook?
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    No. It is the 2.4 White macbook with a 160 GB hard drive. I was not willing to pay 200 more just for color. lol. I do like the black ones better though. I will be getting a 200GB 7200rpm hitachi drive soon.
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    Congrats on your purchase. You will love it!

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