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Finder Maxing Out RAM

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by arexlame, May 26, 2013.

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    I'm brand new to the forums guys, sorry if I'm reposting something that has been discussed.

    I have a 1TB external drive, have had it for a year and have been using it fine with my Retina MBP. This arvo I went to use it, and I plugged it in and went about my business and next minute, I get a 'No memory warning, please force quit applications'.

    A quick trip to activity monitor and the finder's using 5.73GB!!!

    Has anybody heard of this at all, or know what could be causing this? Even when I try to open my drive, it shows an empty drive.

    Thanks again
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    Restart will resolve this.

    How much memory do you have, does your Mac get slow sometimes, if so more RAM would solve this.

    Oh, are there pageouts?
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    I can resolve the issue by pulling out the drive and relaunching finder, but even after a full three restarts, nothings changed..

    It's got 8gb, and it never runs slow at all..
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    Ah, Ok, maybe the drive is corrupt, check the drive in Disk Utility, repair if necessary.
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    So after trying that, disk utility says that the drive can't be unmounted.. Is the drive screwed?
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    No, when it says it can't unmount the drive it is in use, what are you using it for right now, a TimeMachine backup, if so turn of TimeMachine first and retry.
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    Oh okay, so it's not open by anything. I don't use time machine so it's turned off, and the only thing that's open on my mac is finder and disk utility.

    Interestingly; it does the exact same thing on my snow leopard iMac, but works perfectly on a Windows 7 PC..
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    That's why I think it needs a repair.

    Do the following:

    You need to quit the finder but this needs a "hack"
    Open Terminal and add the following line, just copy from here:

    defaults write com.apple.finder QuitMenuItem -bool true

    killall Finder

    After done the above click on the Finder Menu and quit the Finder, next open Disk Utility and try again.
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    Oh wow, that's solved it!

    After running the terminal command, and leaving every other application closed, disk utility ran its repair happily.

    Thankyou so much for your time, you're a life saver!
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    Glad it is solved.
    What I think it was is that the drive was having errors, the Finder then stalled on the drive.
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    Make sure you have another automated scheduled backup utility, or I can guarantee you'll be back here asking how to recover deleted/corrupted files.

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