Finding Wifi Spots with Google Maps

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 12, 2007.

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    MacOSXHints publishes a tip about using iPhone's Google Maps to find Wifi spots in your area.
    We previously posted a link to Jiwire which provides a similar service, and allows filtering by "Free" Wifi hotpots. Google's method appears to show both free and paid hotspots.

    Article Link
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    Very cool - and guess what zip code I live in? 92116 - how is that coincidence. Now I have to figure out who my neighbor is that has an iPhone too! (the zip code is a small area of San Diego) It should be noted that it actually brings up WiFI hot spots outside of the Zip searched too - it just brings up 10 total.

    Also you can make bookmarks in Google of frequent wifi searches:)
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    This doesnt really pertain directly to this, but it pertaints to google maps, but is there a way to get rid of the ong name that hides parts of the map i wish to see?

    Figured it out. Sorry, that was an easy one.
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    You can also type

    Wifi City, ST
    (where ST is the state abbreviation)

    Don't need to have the zipcode :)
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    You can also do other searches with the zip code...

    for example

    '92116 Sex' for some reason brings up the Catholic Girls School down the street from me LOL - must be an error LOL.
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    Must pertain to the fact that its all of the same sex? hahah
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    yeah Im thinking that LOL. Although my dirty mind tried a couple other searches via zip code and it seems some of them make no sense at all... LOL :p
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    hahahaha not sure i wanna know more...
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    I think you should go investigate.
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    surprisingly jwire found many more wifi spots than google
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    Just remember, Google Maps only gives you TEN spots - no more, so only inputing the city and state limits which spots are revealed (I guess Google decides which ten spots to reveal). So, the more detailed info you give (i.e. zipcode as opposed to only the city and state) the more specific your end results will be. Either way, it's a pretty cool.
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    Uh... zipcode in a LOT of areas applies to the whole city anyway. Whether I do my city and state, or it's zip code, I get identical results.

    Best thing to do is put in an exact address, or zoom in on your location and then do a search for WiFi (or "sex" if you like, LOL).
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    #13 uses the Google Maps API. Kinda similar, but doens't use the Maps app. Now if it could, that'd be sweet
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    In Google Earth you can also search by "zip code free.wifi".
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    Good point. I guess the smaller the city or town, the higher the likelyhood that that will happen. Putting in wifi, coffee, city brings only coffee shops with wifi in my area. Another good way to narrow it down.
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    I see an iPhone 2.0 app. Sort of GPS+GoogleMaps+Wifi Finder+Directions. This is where your phone tells you which way to walk (No driving while doing this pls.) to maintain your WiFi signal.

    App lasts until 2.0 goes 3G.


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    I can see it as an iPhone 2.0 game. Sort of a modern day version of "Hot & Cold" :D
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    Fun game fun game!

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