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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by clubmedia, Mar 25, 2004.

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    i got lucky and caught this shot on my canon s50 digital yesterday....


    digital photography rocks!

    anyone got any cool pics to show?
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    Isn't it illegal to yell fire in a crowded forum?

    Nice pic though.
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    Is that the res of the actual photo, or one scaled down for the 'net?

    That would make a BITCHIN' desktop!
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    I imagine it's scaled down... The S50 is a 5mp camera..
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    That's pretty hot...no pun intended. ;)

    I actually caught glimpse of a car on fire the other day, but couldn't stop to get photos. :(
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    More fire photos

    That's an intense fire picture--good catch. There are lots of good reasons to carry a camera at all times (almost.)

    Here is a slurry bomber putting out a forest fire (Ruidoso, NM about three years ago.)

    The second one is a C-130 in RVN, long story, no one seriously injured after an aborted take off.

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    Peppen forest fire near Capitan, NM 5-24-2004

    Over 5000 acres involved, nearly uninhabited mountainous terrain.

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    Peppin forest fire, Capitan Range, NM began 5-10-04


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    Wow, those are great!

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