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First Mac experience.

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by TrenchMouth, Jul 24, 2003.

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    There was a thread on how you got people to switch and it seemed as though people where into telling how it is they first got hooked on the Mac, so I figured i would make a thread for just that.

    I first used a Mac in 1994. It was the summer that Jupiter was hit by the shoemaker commet. I had recieved 5 URLs from a friend that allowed me to see the pictures only hours after they had been taken, the only problem was that with a 9600 modem i pretty much set up 4-5 pictures at a time and came back 30-45min later to see what was up. It was awsome. A IIsi with 17megs of RAM. That was huge back then. It also had a 40MB Lacie drive. SimCity worked well on it along with eWorld (yep had that and AOL, company paid for it). That was a fun computing experience. In 1996-7 I bought a 6200 right after my sister got a 6100, and that lasted till I picked up a 500Mhz iBook, which is serving me fine till this day. Might be time for a new one but I like this one for now. That IIsi was amazing though, they dont make them like that anymore. A lot can be said about that 68030 proc, not all of it good, but still a lot to say.
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    in the community forum, there is a thread called the new member thread. feel free to post your post above so that this thread can be moved :)

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