Fixes for Common iTunes 11 Issues

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    Thanks for everybody who has buzzed me about creating tutorials for iTunes 11. I've been working all afternoon, but let me know if you have ideas for additional issues.

    I'll be glad to add forum links or other tutorials to this list... just let me know in the comments.

    Displaying left sidebar

    Remove the color changes for albums, movies, etc. via Preferences -> General -> Use Custom Colors for open albums, movies, etc.

    Sorting by data added or purchased

    Using Up Next as a iTunes DJ Replacement

    Two Ways to hide Cloud or Purchased Content

    You can change album art size in Artists view but not in Album view.

    Display status bar at bottom: View menu -> Show Status Bar

    Select, Add, and Delete Multiple Files at once
    Select files in iTunes (including Up Next) uses the same mouse/keyboard combo as Explorer (CTRL to select individual files) or Finder (command to select individual files). Series of files can be selected by holding SHIFT and clicking on the first and last file. DELETE key will remove all selected files from Up Next at once. Selected files from the main windows can be added to Up Next in bulk.

    Find the Download All button for Podcasts
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    Album art in lower left corner?
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    I haven't yet found a way to do it easily. It seems Apple is de-emphasizing the left sidebar. If you click on the album art in the MiniPlayer, you get a resizable version of the album art. See attachment.

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    I don't suppose there's any way to change cover size in album view?

    I mean, white I can live with, but I have an iMac and the covers look tiny.
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    1. yes!!! 1+

    now Im complety lost with thousand of albums!!! I see a long list without any separation, I need the artwork for see some separation between albums, like this:


    2. Albums View
    "group albums by artist" is gone... same thing now have thousand of albums mixed, again like this:

    3. maybe not than important like 2 first but... why not keep the COLUMN BROWSER in other views? like albums, artist, genres... is very useful for select fast...
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    I agree. This, along with the removal of Cover Flow, really limits people with larger screens.
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    Yeah, I'm looking for a way to get the cover size smaller. :(
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    i know the music artwork click on the album then go to view and options it will give you a slider top shrink the artwork but how do you do it for tv shows and movies i dont know i hate the size of the artwork in those two
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    Where you getting the options menu? I only see a 'view options' and it only allows you to sort by criteria. Nowhere is there a slider...
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    I agree. I'd like to see this view back. The list is way too monotone without it.
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    Yeah, I don't see it either. :(
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    click on your music if you have it in a playlist then view on the right side the artist list then you go to the view on the tool bar and then click view then view options you can on the music artwork shrink and expanded it i want to shrink the gigantic movies and tv artwork still have not found out how on it i wont that ability back as i have 6777 shows in my tv shows and its all arranged by show series but still takes awhile to scroll with that huge artwork
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    Only works in artist mode, but not in Albums mode. :(

    Guess I'll just use artist mode for now... I'm starting to like it lol
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    My big issue is the difficulty to manage details on all song... If only we could view albums covers in "Songs" menu...:(
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    Another issue

    This one really bothers me
    I don't know how to see exactly how many minutes my playlists are on iTunes 11. This wasn't a problem in the older versions

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    I like your "Albums View" screenshot. How did you do that? What version of iTunes are you running? I am on 10.6.3.
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    View - Show status bar will get your detail back. Or just Ctrl-/
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    The prior versions of iTunes let you actually click on the status bar itself and it would change between displaying the length of all of your songs in days, or in exact hours : minutes.
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    How do I get the old artist view when looking at my music library? The one with a single cover per artist? I don't like the new scroll bar system
  20. bobbyd629, Nov 29, 2012
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    Problems with Artist Sorting

    Since upgrading to iTunes 11, I am having an issue with sorting by artist.

    For Bob Dylan songs, for example, I am getting two distinct groupings of songs with "Bob Dylan" as the artist. I checked for other possible sorting issues that may be the reason for the separation but cannot find anything. There is no Album Artist listed for any of them, none are part of a compilation and there appears to be nothing distinguishing the files at all. In fact, when I look in the Finder at my iTunes folder, all of these songs are contained within the same "Bob Dylan" folder, just not displayed that way in iTunes.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this?

    Thanks! (Screenshot included)

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    I can't seem to add music from outside iTunes :-\
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    Just make sure you are in the Music category and then select the 'Songs' button. You can then drag and drop your music onto your Library, or just use the FILE -> Add To Library from the menus.
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    Where did the full file description go? To find out if the file is Apple Lossless or MP3? This type of info is handy when you have multiple versions of one album ie one for the music server (e.g. ALAC, CD quality) and one for a Mobile device (e.g lossy Mp3). Hopefully they haven't taken that feature away.
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    Just display the 'Kind' column to show type (AAC Audio, MP3, etc).
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    iTunes 11


    I would be very interested in knowing how to decrease the size of the album art thumbnails like we did with the slider in iTunes 10.

    Thank You

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