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Flash 10.2 beta

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by yyc engineer, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I'm gonna pick up my new MBA this week but was wondering about what version of flash to install.

    Since it doesn't come with flash and 10.2 beta has been recieving rave reviews...would I be better off to install 10.2 (which is in beta) or 10.1?

    I'm not a developer or anything, just gonna use it to stream off cbc.ca and thecomedynetwork.com (south park lol)

    Thanks for the info.
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    I would use 10.2, it has been great on my MBA. You can always uninstall it if it is causing issues
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    Would you also say that 10.2 is good for my 2010 MBP as well? I don't NEED flash but some sites I go on use it. I just want whichever the best flash player is...even though I know they all suck in one capacity or another ;)
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    After testing Flash 10.2 and Click2Flash on my MBA11, I installed those two on my wife's MacBook, too. Saves battery life there just as it does on the MBA.
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    It doesn't matter if you have a MB, MBP, MBA, iMac or Mac Pro. 10.2 is like 10.1 but more efficient, so if you need flash you should install 10.2.
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    How do you use 10.2 with Chrome?

    I installed chrome, uninstalled flash since chrome came with 10.1, then installed 10.2, enabled the plugin, but it wouldn't load flash.
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    Chrome has built-in Flash player and its updates are included in Chrome updates so I don't think you can upgrade it manually with Chrome
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    10.2 beta has been out for a while, is it still the same build? I remember 10.1 got updated somewhat frequently.
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    10.2 beta constantly crashes on me, with Firefox 4 beta (b07 and newer). I've installed it twice now and run the debugger, no solution. It's really annoying to have to refresh my page every time I watch a video.
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    10.2 hands down, 10.1 was Flash going mobile, 10.2 is Flash going mobile on steroid.

    This is the experience you would be missing:
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    There is only one Flash player now since 10.1 so it does not matter whether it is a Mac or a PC or a smart phone or a tablet, no matter the OS, no matter the browser, 10.2 deliver the improvement.

    Now, we are talking about a 10 fold improvement, you should try it and share with us.
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    Try Chrome, or a stable release of Firefox (not beta) just to see if it is the player or the browser.
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    Are you sure you uninstalled Flash? I think you just need to disable the plugin and it will use 10.2 you installed.

    Whatch out though because that will deactivate the sandboxing, only the Flash plugin baked into Chrome uses the new sandboxing security improvement so you have to chose one or the other. I personally never had any security problem with Flash but it seems people say otherwise, it's probably true I just never experienced it yet.
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    I did uninstall and disable 10.1 (included with chrome) and it didn't work. But I re-installed chrome, repeated the process, and it works now.

    thanks also for the tip about sandboxing.
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    I had flash 10.2 beta for a while but my batterie performance was around 40 min less then without

    I installed click to flash but couldn t get it running i see the icon flash when a video needs it when i click on it nothing happens . I can go to the setting of click to flash but also here no luck in making it run did i miss something in the configuration setup. Can it be related with glimmerblocker?

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