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Flash Player 10 On PowerPC?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Goftrey, May 26, 2011.

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    I'm pretty sick of Apple basically completely forgetting about our PowerPc's. Yes they're outdated and getting on in years, but many many people still have them and use them as their everyday computer. My question is can you get Flash Player 10 on a PowerPC?
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    Yes, but only the last version of 10.1.
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    Apple has nothing to do with Flash, Adobe makes Flash. Flash's poor performance and unsecure nature is because Adobe created a crappy product to begin with.

    Flash 10 also had a ton of problems on PPC Macs, with many people just giving up and uninstalling 10 and going back to 9.


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    If you have 10, I'd highly advise against going to 10.1. (Though, does 10 even work on G3s?)

    On my MDD G4, Flash went from acceptable (and me thinking "why the stigma") to absolute trash. Not even 360 YT videos would play properly.
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    You basically answered your own complaint.

    You really can't expect Apple to keep PPC support forever do you? If you are expecting Apple to continue supporting PPC, you might as well expect Apple to continue support for systems running System 9 and earlier. Hell, continuing on this line of logic, how about continued support for the Apple ][?

    I'm on a PPC Mac myself and this machine has served me well past expectations. I'll be upgrading to a shiny new iMac in a few weeks. Bottom line, no point living in the past.

    True, Apple has nothing to do with Flash.

    Adobe may be doing continued work on Flash however, they did not originally make it. A few years ago Adobe acquired Macromedia. Macromedia originally developed Flash. If you really want to blame someone for a crappy product, blame Macromedia. At which point, you can then blame Adobe for their poor mismanagement of it.
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    I just wanted to clarify that Macromedia created Flash, not Adobe or Apple.
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    No I might disagree with you...PowerMAC with dual core 2.66 or more still good and Apple should not leave PowerPC...Apple should realize nobody can afford iMac/Macbook/Pro because they are way too expensive. People STILL buying PowerPC...Can you tell me how old is Intel 286? PowerPC is not very old just yet!
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    Flash has turned into a real hot mess on the PPC platform.

    I'm not sure how you manage to stand flash on a G3 iBook. I have a 1.5 ghz PowerBook G4 that absolutely hates flash content.

    You have far more patience than myself. I just turn off flash display completely on my PowerBook.
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    who needs flash really , flash is CPU hungry and eats up most of your GPU if not all of it
    i mean would you give your house keys to someone of which you know he will steal all contents fom your home :confused:

    i just mean there is no logical reason to use flashplayer
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    Apple don't want people buying PPC. They made a decision to switch to x86, they don't want PPC as their lesser platform, they just want to leave it behind.

    It makes perfect business sense too.
    • When you buy a PPC machine, you're not giving Apple your money. Why would they encourage this?
    • PPC Macs are "old" at this point, the older something it the more likely that something will go wrong. In the end it would be likely to hurt their image.
    • Lots of developers support PPC, but there's also a lot that do not. This will just encourage the "There's no programs for Mac" notion.

    I'm not hating on PPC, it's clearly perfectly viable for some, and good for them. It's just that your suggestion makes no fiscal sense.
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    The list goes on. I've yet to have a problem with flash.
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    YT has an HTML 5 option. The quicktime applet is beautiful, especially compared to YT's ugly ever-changing player. Using QT also only uses about %35 CPU for 720p, Flash uses around 50%. Also, you'll get the same QT applet on every HTML5 video which just makes the experience a bit better.

    I really can't see a reason not to use HTML5 on YT.
  14. MacHamster68, May 27, 2011
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    youtube works without flashplayer ..too (html5)
    bbc iplayer might come soon in a mobile version ,if the bbc trust decides for a mobile version
    just like there is a mobile version of tvcatchup (near all feeview channels in the uk ) which already works without flashplayer including BBC1-4 ,watch it on my android phone (htc wildfire as i prefere android over that iOS )when i am out and about , so there is absolute no logical reason to use this bloatware called flashplayer at all by websites

    in theory all needs doing is to give those streams another ending , instead of flv or f4v just give it the proper name mp4/ h264 /avi and it would play for example with Mplayer or VLC and such players , but thats to complicated for those website developers , so they choose the easy way of using flashplayer, so the reason why some think they need flash is just lazyness of the website developers but fact is there are lots of ways around flash. and near all of them use less CPU and near no GPU
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    I think you're exaggerating a bit.
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    Some people also say there is no logical reason to use a Mac. I've heard this at work from the IT department on more than one occasion.
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    If you were paying attention to the rest of the conversation and took a second to read the post above yours, you would have read that I all ready said that Macromedia first developed Flash.
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    Thank you! Someone's on my side... There's nothing wrong with PowerPC's, they just look bad compared to the Intel Mac's that cost £1000, compared to a... For example, Powerbook G4, which you can pick up 2nd hand on the net, running Leopard for £100... To me, its a no brainer.
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    And I'm going to have to disagree with you further. A PowerMac, not PowerMAC, may still run today however, you cannot expect an OEM or third parties to support the platform forever. This goes even for the most powerful systems available when it was first released.

    As far as being able to afford a modern-day system goes, is that really Apple's or any other business's problem? How is a modern-day Mac, again not MAC, any more expensive than a PPC system was when they were first released? The Mac that I'm currently typing this on, one that is running on a PPC G4 processor, was very expensive when I bought it brand new all those years ago. I consider myself very lucky that it continues to kick today and that I managed to get all these years of very faithful service. At times, it barely hobbles along while running modern-day software like Flash or doing processor intensive tasks. Can I really blame Apple or a third party because it doesn't perform like it once did? How about my inability to afford a newer system over the past few years, should I blame Apple because I had other financial responsibilities and obligations?

    People continue to purchase old things, I know that. Realistically, manufacturers cannot be expected to support old products for as long as that product continues to run. If people want to continue to hold onto the past, that's fine, but they cannot blame the manufacturer for not supporting that product when the manufacturer decides not to support that product so many years after its initial release.
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    how do you switch Youtube to Html5 ?
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  22. AdrianK, May 27, 2011
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    I use ClickToFlash extension on Safari, once enabled it will turn any video on YT *and* any embedded YT videos to the HTML5 player.]

    I think you're misinterpreting the reasons that are being suggested for Apple and Adobe dropping PPC support as "PPC hate", when they're really not weighted opinions at all
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    Yes, I forgot about Macromedia. Curse them!
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    I don't think that PPC is a bad type of system either. I completely agree with all that you are saying, But if anybody wants a PPC-related computer, they should get Amiga &/or Amiga clones. because :apple: Apple doesn't use PPC anymore and they never will. Now they have Intel, making the expense of The Macintosh unreasonable.

    I don't like Flash...or Adobe lol.
    I use HTML5. I remember when Flash wasn't the only plugin around (at least to view videos...online games I am not sure)

    but anyways I don't think that Flash Player should go on a PPC system anyways...if they discontinue it, so what? Flash Player is not efficient, and it is run by Adobe, who made the decision to discontinue support (which I think they supported PPC longer than :apple: Apple supported it) But If you must have Flash, you might be better off using it on a well supported, but equally inefficient platform...such as Intel with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X or That Linux.

    Otherwise you should use HTML5. :) :D

    Hope that helps.
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    10.3 Flash for PPC

    Well, it looks like someone has hacked the Adobe Flash Player 10.3 to work on PowerPC. I actually have this hack and it does work. The only thing that doesn't work is the system preference tab "flash player", but 10.3 does work. Here is the url:


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