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folding and jag

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by jelloshotsrule, Aug 23, 2002.

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    i just installed jag. and went to run folding control. well, it said it had to install. i said install. it said "i couldn't install"... blah blah

    so. nerds. tell me what to do to remedy this situation
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    run normal folding...I haven't tried it but I don't really think there's much need to use folding control...
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    Re: folding and jag

    hahaha such politeness, its just an non-updated app, wait till they release a new one
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    Re: folding and jag

    same here.
    so that puts me on ice for the time beeing :(
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    yeah, i guess normal folding is better than nothing... folding control utilizes my dp though. word
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    I'll help you and anyone else w/DP folding through CLI w/any version of X.

    You'll need F@H2. I think I know where you can still get this.

    I'd hate to lose folders because of Jag, and those slow developers at MA4L.
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    If you're talking about the text-based folding tool, it makes use of the dual processors as well. I'd imagine it's the same core with only the visual interface being different.
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    Last time I checked you can not DP the new folding@home. I have not been able to find anyone that can get over the problem and when I looked at FAH Control it disabled DP. One of the admins on the FAH Forum tried to tell me that you use the -local flag but that only works on a Windows based machine.

    I am running one version of 3.12 and one version of 2.something

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I always run direct from console now.
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    if anyone has links for the current dual processor compatible cli client... and a brief little guide. let me know

    i'm too lazy to go to much effort for this... so set me up nerds (this means you mc....)

    word up dawgs
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    Here's the page for setting up F@H2 to do multiprocessing.

    It's an old post of mine about 3/4 of the way down the page. If that doesn't work or if something is unclear, post or pm me.
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    What about 3.12 though? That is the real question.
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    Mr. Anderson

    well, I just installed Jag on my older 450 G4 and its like a brand new machine - until I downloaded folding and started running it. I think I got another 6 pointer and over night it only did 8 frames. Oh well.

    Still, I very happy with Jag and can't wait to get in on the TiPB......
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    don't worry, i'll be emailing you about it eventually... cause i don't understand that shizzle at all.

    but first things first, where can i get fah2 still?
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    ...and I was going to look for it on KDX...

    Thanks. :) I saw you asking questions on the "official" folding forums. Way to represent. :)
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    when i download the fah 2 osx console one.... it downloads as a .bin. and when i try to mount it... it doesn't work

    what the *%#$@#?
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    No need to get excited.
    chmod +x [i][pathname of .bin][/i]
    This code will make it executable. You can navigate to your file using cd, or you can do a drag and drop the binary to the Terminal window.

    It's not a .bin encoded file, but rather a binary (a.k.a. compiled source code). The OS links the .bin suffix to StuffIt by default.

    You can make the binary open w/Terminal by default by changing the suffix to .command

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    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can't delete my own double post. Well this is just great.

    To make this post worth while check out this link for a good time.

    BootX hacking with HexEdit.

    (Sorry if this is off topic)
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    ok, so i did the chmod +x thing

    now what?

    ps. no one cares if anything's off topic. don't worry
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    This is from the shell script I was using to run the v2.19 client:

    # run the folding at home client

    It's better to put the instructions into a text file residing in the same folder as the binary. For instance, I call it fah.sh, so I run it by opening a terminal/shell session and type:


    That should be all you need.
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    Alright. The big difference between F@H 2 and 3 is how they store your work data and config files.

    F@H3 <- ~/Library/Folding@home
    F@H2 <- Current Directory

    In the PC version of F@H, there is a local switch where you can run two instances of the client rather painlessly on the same machine. This is to get around the fact that their binary is not multithreaded.

    This switch that works on the PC, but does not do anything AFAIK on the Mac. Folding control was able to take advantage of the current directory creation of data and config. Now, I don't know how they'll make it run multiple instances.

    The way to run multiple instances is to have unique client ID's. These are given and stored by the F@H servers to identify the processors doing the work for them. This data is stored in a file called client.cfg

    Since F@H3 stores all the files in the same place, 2 folding apps will look at the same client.cfg file and just use the same CPU. If there was some way to change the location of the files, the problem would be solved. But I do not know of any way to do this.

    So basically, with F@H2, you run the client 1 time, delete the config file, and duplicate it in another directory. When you run the 2nd app in another directory, it makes a different client ID and the second processor is allowed to work

    MA4l's program doesn't work w/3.0. Even if it did, the program fails to run properly on Jaguar. All it really does is script the process that I do manually.

    So it looks like we'll have to do it through CLI.

    Here are the steps:

    o create 2 new folders, F@H1 and F@H2
    o drop the binary in F@H1
    o change directory to F@H1
    o excecute binary in F@H1
    o wait 'till it dowloads core, and starts folding
    o ctrl-c the binary to terminate execution
    o drag the binary and newly created core file to F@H2 (leave everything else)
    o open new terminal window
    o change directory to 2nd folder
    o excecute binary in F@H2


    cd [pathname] has the same effect as double clicking on a folder.

    control + c at the same time terminates a program (like a force quit)

    to run a program you navigate to it's directory and type in it's name.

    If I were on my desktop and had a file I wanted to execute, I can do it in a number of ways:
    This is an absolute address. It starts from the root level of the hard drive, /, and works it's way to the file.
    The ~ represents /Users/bakerc. This saves typing.

    With F@H2, you want to be in the same directory as the binary. It will create it's files in your current directory. So if you were on your desktop and ran it somewhere else, the files would litter the desktop. So it's a good idea to make a folder and run it there.

    Back to my previous example. After making a folder F@H1 on the desktop and dropping the binary in it, you can type:
    cd ~/Desktop/F@H1/
    This will run and create the files in F@H1, on the desktop. The . stands for /Users/bakerc/Desktop/F@H1 This saves typing.

    If anything is still unclear, I can just give you code to type in so you don't have to learn all this. Whatever suits you.
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    holy **** you nerd you

    i will digest that tomorrow. thanks for the time/effort though

    nerd leader
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    IF it is off the topic... IF

    ;) ;) ;)

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