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folding is gonna kill my CPU

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by mrjamin, May 2, 2003.

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    i recently started folding (yeah, i know, a bit late i guess) on my AMD Athlon XP. My cpu temp went up by an average of 17 degrees C on idle!! I'm trying to get my pc silent and my next investment is a silent cpu fan; by doing this my CPU temp is going to increase anyway since it's got a beast of a fan on it at the moment. By beast i mean that it cools it well but it sounds like a bumble bee on speed. I'm gonna be pushing the AMD temp limit if i'm not careful seeing as it's running about about 65-70 at the moment. If its all the same to you, i think i'll stop. I'm a student - if my CPU goes i cant afford to replace it, it also means i cant earn any money to fund being a student OR do any work. Sorry guys and farewell to team 3446.

    Quite why i needed to post this on here i don't know.
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    Re: folding is gonna kill my CPU

    Wow, I wonder if my pc is hurting. I haven't even checked to see if my temp has gone up.
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    if folding is over heating your cpu, i hate to see what gaming would do. You might want to get a new heatsink as quick as possible. Like 20 bucks shipped gets a great one. I'd say something is wrong with your cooling, folding shouldnt do that.
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    i run UT2k3 at 40fps - temp has never risen above 60. folding@home says its optimised for intel - could that be why? I've never seen my CPU temp rise that high, its normally down in the mid-40's, then up to mid-high 50's whilst gaming! i already have a kickass heatsink/fan - my CPU is overclocked too!!
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    besides that this should have been in the DC forum, you can turn down the amount of CPU folding uses...

    There a are a couple programs out there that do this.

    BTW, so far there have been 0, zero burnouts of CPUs that are running folding, heat is once thing, but saying that it is gonna fry is incorrect.
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    I have been folding for the last few months with no ill effect on any of my computers. I used to run SETI for years with no ill effects. I woudln't worry about it damaging your equipment unless your equipment already doesn't have proper cooling....
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    Actually it is in advanced settings when you setup the console version. I am not sure about the graphic version...

    Oh, yeah I was supposed to get you that installer last weekend... Oops, I will work on it this weekend.... If I get time.... :D
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    yeah, I was filtering through my AOL spam, I just didn't want to bug you.

    Yeah, there are no 'ill' effects, does my computer run hotter, yeah probably, will it shorten the lifespan by anything measurable?
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    how to u check the temp on a minitower g3?

    p.s : i just downloaded the graphical program and i m folding;)
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    good luck:
    Team #3446 :D
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    hmmm....not doing anything

    how much time does it take?

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    depending on the protein size, computer speed, percent use of computer, all different factors.

    You said you just signed up so don't be worried it takes time.

    you have a mid-sized unit, BTW having the graphics ON slows folding by a small percent.
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    id believe it, my intel folded twice as fast as much dual 1.25. i dont know how it compares to a amd machine though, most stuff these days are being optimized for intel over amd, dont know what the affect is. i dont think folding will burn your cpu, but does make it get hot. this is the only reason i stopped folding, my room got to hot, didnt see worth it.

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    My AMD 1800 does a Work unit every 19 hours.... I don't know how that compares to intel though...
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    i cant remember, i just know it was way faster than my powermac.

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    When is folding going to be optimised for Altivec? That should increase the speed by a ton.
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    welcome to the team. :)
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    already been done. it's in beta right now, but i've made some scripts to automate the setup.

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    To use Alitvec do you just use 3.25 straight, or with the -advmethods switch?

    Found it on my own...

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    How do i check my CPU Temp?

    I have a pm g4 733 quicksilver.

    I tried aquamon and thermolindock.

    aquamon did not display my cpu temp, and themolindock said my cpu temp was -1°

    Is there something wrong with my computer, or is there another program which i can use?
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    Re: How do i check my CPU Temp?

    not sure about aquamon, but thermoindock was stopped about a year ago i think, it donly supports a limited amount of macs, new powermacs were never supported, i think the pismo was the last laptop supported too.

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    Re: Re: How do i check my CPU Temp?

    Mostly accurate, but Thermoindock supports all the iBooks (not sure about 900MHz, but probably) as well.
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    Yeah, it is also going to add a non-trivial amount to your power bill if you are running on an P4 or highly clocked Athlon. Those things are power sucking monsters...if you're running it with one of them then you are literally paying about $100/year extra to do this! Of course, dual 970s will consume about as much power as a single P4 or Athlon, albeit at least you will be getting much more work done with the two 970s (assuming the PPC version of the client isn't horribly coded at that point). In some sense, this program is best run on laptops, which get much more work done per watt than a desktop CPU. It would be nice if you could, for example, lower the voltage on a PowerMac's processor(s) (like you can lower the clock speed on an iBook or Powerbook when running on battery), so that you can run the client all day without having it add too much to your electricity bill....
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    Re: Re: Re: How do i check my CPU Temp?

    thats cool, didnt know that. i just remember putting it on my pismo, but then my powermac didnt work with it. then i read the page and talked about stopping it. i wish someone could pick it up, i would love you see how hot this beast gets.

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    wow, that even tops my reason of my room getting hot for stopping. now its taking away my money, not im glad i stopped. it was fun while it lasted.


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