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folding with the console

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by howard, Jan 23, 2003.

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    i'd like to run my folding on the console but i'm completely ignorant of running it on there. can you run me through a little step by step of how? do any of you also know some kinda of tutorial site i can go to to learn more about the console? thanks for your help
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    excuse my ignorance...how do i "cd into the desktop directory"....? i'm unfamiliar with console commands...
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    i can send you a script that will set up console folding 4 u.

    if you want a step-by-step you can AIM me XPC7400 and I'll be glad to help.
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    i don't use aim, actually i am not a big fan of instant messaging...you can email me though at howardface@hotmail.com

    i did figure out how to cd to the desktop...and i learned to type pwd to find out whats in it..and the os x-3.24 program was in there but when i typed that in it didn't do anything!! so i don't know whats up...
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    this nerd does it all....

    pm him
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    The instructions are right there in the link I gave you:
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    duh i'm retarded...i was typing "osx-3.24" instead of "./osx-3.24" like i said i don't know much about using the terminal, but would like to learn

    thanks for your help
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    one more quick question...i noticed in the console demo they have on the folding site i shows number of frames and number of frames completed...mine doesn't show that...heres what it looks like:

    [19:26:21] - Ask before connecting: No
    [19:26:21] - User name: howard (Team 3446)
    [19:26:21] - User ID = 5E274D8D23750A30
    [19:26:21] - Machine ID: 1
    [19:26:21] Loaded queue successfully.
    [19:26:21] + Benchmarking ...
    [19:26:25] + Processing work unit
    [19:26:25] Core required: FahCore_65.exe
    [19:26:25] Core found.
    [19:26:25] Working on Unit 07 [January 24 19:26:25]
    [19:26:25] + Working ...
    [19:26:25] Folding@Home Client Core Version 2.47 (June 14, 2002)
    [19:26:25] Proj: work/wudata_07
    [19:26:25] nsteps: 1000000 dt: 2.000000 dt_dump: 100.000000 temperature: 340.000000
    [19:26:25] xyzfile:
    [19:26:25] " 343 P190_1fsvunf340
    [19:26:25] 1 CH3 -18.270054 23.364026 6.017604 7 ..."
    [19:26:25] keyfile:
    [19:26:25] "NOVERSION
    [19:26:25] ARCHIVE
    [19:26:25] printout 1000
    [19:26:25] writeout 1000
    [19:26:25] integrate ..."
    [19:26:25] Hashes matched on file work/wudata_07.dyn

    sorry to keep bugging about this, i'm just very curious
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    you might be able to coax more info out of it with a verbosity switch like this:
    ./OSX-3.24 -verbosity [b]#[/b]
    where # is a number from 0 to 9 i believe. (make sure to kill the folding processes first, otherwise you'll have N instances running at 100/N% idle processor)

    if that doesn't work, you can always find the info in this directory:


    There should be one or more files in there named logfile_0X.txt, where X is an arbitrary number. open this file with simple text and scroll to the bottom.

    To find how many frames are in a given protein, go here and look up the protein number.
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    hey, thanks everyone for your help. i've been enjoying folding with the terminal, i also think its a big faster on my ibook 700mhz. also just thought i'd ask, are there servers really bogged down today? i just finished a wu this morning and it wouldn't turn in...then i looked on there site at some stats and for today theres a huge peak in like every team. i hope i get credit for that wu!!!!

    thanks again
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    I think the huge peak was due to the worm, not you ;)

    Just kidding...
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    the Stanford servers go down all the time. it could be attributable to the worm, but it goes down at least twice a week.
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    ahh well. all servers go down eventually.

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