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Font Equivalents in OSX ?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by drsox, Nov 15, 2011.

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    I'm just moving from Win7 to OSX and converting my spreadsheets etc to run in OSX.
    Normally I use Universe font (sometimes Arial). The Universe True Type font I use doesn't look too great so I'm asking what is the normal OSX font for Spreadsheets ? It would be a Sans Serif.
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    Well everyone has their preferences.

    Are you using Excel 2011 in mac os x? Lucida works well as does Arial and Times New Roman.
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    I was going to use OpenOffice. In Win7 Arial and Univers also are not good, but I haven't yet tried Lucida.

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    UPDATE :

    It's not a font issue, it's an OpenOffice issue. The fonts I was using don't render well in OO, so I'll use MSOffice after all. The font quality of OO is pretty obvious when doing a direct A-B comparison with MSOffice.
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    Interesting thanks for the update.

    I have used at times ( briefly ) open office versions going way back on solaris and also on linux. For me anyhow ( like most others ) microsoft office still seems to win. I do have Pages and the Presentation app ( Keynote ? ) native on my macbook air but old habits are hard to break and for compatibility purposes well a no brainer.

    There seem to be a few fonts not found in my mac office 2011 apps versus what is available on windows but nothing I have ever missed.

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