'fooling the system' will it work?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by samwise666, Jul 10, 2008.

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    so most people in the e.u. will know that the ipod classic has really crappy volume.

    here's the thing:

    i have a friend going to america in a few weeks

    my ipod is still under warranty so if my friend happened to be borrowing my ipod for the trip and it happened to break, could she go into an apple shop and get a reaplcement in store? Thus getting the good, loud american ipod.

    would it work or am i being silly.....

    i was thinking if not i could just use the warranty service here (in england) anyways.


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    iPods in the EU have volume limits on them for a reason, not only is it saving your hearing but also everyone around you that doesn't want to listen to boy racer music on the bus.
    If you want better sound get better ear phones preferably ones that cancel out ambient sound you'll find that even 10% volume will sound loud that way.
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    Instead of that, just get some decent noise cancelling headphones. That might be better than trying to exchange it for a louder one.
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    I wish the iPod had finer volume control on the low end. There's a jump between zero volume and the lowest volume that makes the device near useless in quiet situations with good IEMs. For example, at night, I can't listen to anything via the iPod when in bed, because there isn't a volume setting low enough.
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    Of course .....Rip up the system , tear it down , rebuild it ...even create one for yourself , stamp on it if you like .....but never


    damage something that is irreplaceable ;)
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    Better headphones often have higher resistance, and don't get as loud for the same volume setting.
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    But if they are noise reduction, then it doesn't matter as much, they will sound louder.
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    yes i understand all your comments

    thanks such a quick reply btw

    but the question hasnt been answered

    will it work...

    i know how silly it is to break my ipod

    but i have friends who have done the same to theirs just to get a new one before the years free warranty is up. and that worked completely

    i know loud music annoys other people but i would, however, like to be able to hear my music when a car goes past without having to spend more money on headphones when i have already bought an ipod. just because the 'full' volume is louder it doesnt mean that i will constatly have it on full.


    i was not asking for lecture on how not to annoy people, "iPods in the EU have volume limits on them for a reason, not only is it saving your hearing but also everyone around you that doesn't want to listen to boy racer music on the bus."

    of course im not wanting to start a debate on loud music and how it damages your hearing either, im sure that there are enough of those types of threads on here anyway



    btw ill let the boy racer comment go....:p
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    If one wishes to 'chance ones arm ' then do so , but don't be surprised if Apple know what you are at and take action .

    Look , not wishing to be a bore but is it really worth it to damage your ears ? I worked in the music industry for a LONG time and know many people who have that happen and believe me , they regret it . A LOT
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    Yeah, Yeah, but where's the CHOICE ...? I just bought a 1000cc Kawasaki, do you think i'd be happy if i'd spent 1000's of my hard earned cash to have it delivered limited to 70mph.. NO - 1000cc is for size/comfort/speed all of that, NOT JUST FOR DRIVING BETWEEN 30mph AND 70mph which is the legal motorway speed limit..!!! case closed
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    I don't think it'll work but worth a try.

    As to headphones, something like Sennheiser HD 280 will work.

    Perhaps flash it with american firmware? The US version allow you to select whether to have the volume limit on or off.
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    i tried to do that but i didnt know where to get the american firmware..... and i didnt know how :p :p:eek:
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    It depends on the damage that you plan on doing to it. Even though it is under warranty, I don't think it will be replaced no matter what.

    I had a friend who tried the same thing. He bought an iPod 4G I believe it was, and then the new iPods with color came out. He put his iPod in the freezer for awhile and it eventually broke, and he got a store credit at best buy for the full retail value of the iPod.

    Tricky, not very moral, but tricky.
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    bah too late now anyways my friend left the other day and i forgot completely :p

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