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For those whose upgrade date is 5/14 ...

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Tikatika, Apr 29, 2013.

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    AT&T just told me that if your account has a good history and is in good standing on 5/1, it will be cleared for upgrade. In case one is impatient to get that new phone, ya know :)
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    Getting the S4? HTC One? :)
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    They've always done this :D
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    Yep. Many people don't realize if ur upgrade is within the same month AT&T will let u upgrade at the first of the month.
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    att will usually let you do it if you are within 6 months
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    Does anyone know if you must order directly from AT&T (Online/Phone) or can I go into a store and get this? my upgrade is first or second week of May. I'd like to purchase it tomm.
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    I'm due for an upgrade on 5/14. I am very tempted by the One.
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    I'm getting the S4. When I spoke to the manager of our AT&T store, she said they only got 8 in, all sold in 3 minutes. Our Best Buy has none, zero, nada. So even though I might be eligible tomorrow, looks like I will still have to wait.
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    Not anymore. Anyway, I have 2 lines eligible at different dates in May that just became full upgrade eligible.
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    Even if you go in store? I know online it will tell you are not eligible, but if you go in store and have an extensive history with at&t they usually give you lots of wiggle room.
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    I just checked online and it says that I'm eligible for the lowest pricing.!:D
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    Well, I guess it's worth a try. However, it seems like they are allowing less and less.

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