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Fortran g77 on Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by nicolaus, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Hi, I just recently installed Fink and Fink Commander along with Xcode. How do I install and operate fortran g77 or GNU?
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    I have an Intel 10.8 (Mountain Lion) MacBook Pro.
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    1) Use gfortran as it has replaced g77.
    2) I see that fink has the gcc packages with gfortran included so you could use them(I don't know if they have prebuilt binaries and building gcc from scratch can take some time). Otherwise there are differents prebuilt packages available online: hpc for mac os x, gfortran site, R site...
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    How to I operate it now with Xcode?
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    suport for fortran in xcode is really limited: you have the syntax coloring but that's pretty much it, to compile any program you need to use an external build project with a hand written makefile. Intel offers some better integration with Xcode along their fortran compiler but you still have a glorified text editor rather than a true IDE. Your best bet is to look at something else to work with fortran.
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    install Xcode w/command line tools

    google gfortran IBM

    install gfortran

    i compiled gcc-4.8 from source and ffmpeg with no problems

    osx 10.8

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