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Found ipod.. Question...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gothiquegirrl, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Ok, So my husband found an ipod today. .

    It's a 30GB black pre-classic ipod.

    Anyway, I've never owned an ipod before . I have NO way of knowing who this ipod belongs to. So returning it is out as far as I know .

    That being said... How do i find out if it has tracking software installed? Or if i could track down the owner?

    Can I reformat it without having a cd or anything? or would i have to buy all of that from Apple? I know i'd have to buy a new cord to sync it with.

    As I said, I've never owned an ipod before so I don't know anything about them

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    You've never owned an iPod before and you still don't own one now. Just because you have found it does not make it yours.

    There is no such thing as tracking software for an iPod, but the contacts extra might give you some clue as to the owner if they had contacts syncing turned on.

    Other than that it should be handed over to the Police who will hold it until the owner turns up. In the UK if they do not collect it within a month, then it becomes yours.
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    geez relax, its not a crime to find an ipod.

    i dont know of any tracking ability on the ipod but you could just report it to the police and have them handle it, altho i wouldnt bet that the original owner would get it back but its still worth a shot. i guess i just think the ipod would feel dirty if i kept it for myself and i remember the feeling i had when i finally was able to afford one myself.
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    If someone knows how to track down the owner, I'm more than happy to track them down and return it. I am sure they will miss it.

    i've never owned an ipod.. and i'm not in a rush to do so now. .

    However, if there is no way to track down it's owner, I am not just going to toss it out. Turning it in to the Police is a great idea... but considering where it was found ( busy freeway, major city), the odds that someone would claim it are slim... and it would probably just be stuck in an officer's pocket at the end of the day anyway. . That's why my primary question is " Is there any way to return it to the real owner?" .. with my second question being , "If not , how the hell do you use it?"

    Thanks though,
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    iPods has a serial number, when I first used it I had to register with my personal details, presumably with Apple, Maybe if you contact Apple they can help?
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    If you connect the iPod to a computer with iTunes on it, you can see the music on the device. If the owner has bought music from the iTunes Music Store, you might be able to get his email address.
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    To do so, open iTunes, connect the iPod with the computer and find a song which is protected AAC (or bought AAC or whatever it's called in english).

    Select the song and press CMD-i to get the info-window. As account name you probably get the email address of the owner (see picture below).

    And don't forget: To give back the found iPod to the original owner will make you truely happy. :)

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    Awesome... now is there a place to buy a cheap connector cord for the ipod? i'm downloading ituns now.... but i don't have an ipod so i don't already have a connector cord.
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    Genghis Khan

    i think the forum members want to wait till you've exhausted the opportunities for returning the iPod before they help you out
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    ok... well...um... I can't connect to itunes to find out the owner's email without first being ABLE to connect to itunes?!?

    I don't really want to go spend $30 on a connector cord for an ipod that I don't own.

    I don't own an ipod. I don't want an ipod... and I have no plans to ever own an ipod. So buying the cord isn't going to help me. The owner of the ipod probably has a cord... and doesn't need to pay me $30 for another one.

    So please do tell me how I am supposed to connect to itunes if i can't connect the ipod to my computer? Please note: I am installing itunes JUST so i can find the owner of this ipod.
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    Firstly i admire the fact that you are trying to do the right thing.

    Do you live near an apple store as they have lots of docks in which you can pop the iPod in. Or have you seen any of your neighbours with iPods etc. Then you could probably borrow a cable, I'd lend you one if i didn't live a couple thousand miles away.
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    My husband found the ipod while changing a flat tire over the weekend. So he found it while in major city. However, we live in a small town.. so no apple stores. Although I could ask if i could connect the ipod at a Best buy or Circuit City maybe...So that's a good idea, thanks!

    Will any ipod connector work? I don't really know if anyone i know has an ipod.. but i can ask around. Surely someone in my life has one? LOL I don't mind spending $10 or less on a cord.. but $30 ( Wal-mart) is just too much!

    Also.. it's formatted for Windows, so will i need any software drivers to make it work? or will it just be able to work with itunes ( so i can pull up the owner's email ) ?
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    Any ipod connector should work*. The fact that it is formatted for windows doesn't make a difference when trying to access it on a Mac.

    *I had trouble connecting with an unoffical cable bought from a £1 store.
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    There are plenty of sync cables available for 10-15 dollars.

    If your husband found it on the side of a freeway, perhaps it was litter. There are plenty of morons who throw all kinds of things out of their cars.

    That being said, I hope the ipod works and if you can't return it, I hope you enjoy it.
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    i'd say just buy an iPod charger for like 30 bucks. If it helps you find the owner, I'm sure they'd be willing to reimburse you 30 bucks if it means they get their ipod back plus an extra charger (if not, tell them to screw off!). If you don't find the owner, then you have an ipod and everything you need to charge it and put your music on it.
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    Just borrow a cable, just about every other person you know probably has one.
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    yeah... they aren't that elusive
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    Just keep the thing.
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    You'd be surprised.. LOL No one I know has an ipod with the exception of my Friend's kids .. They live out of state, so that's a no-go.

    I'm gonna go Circuit City tomorrow and either try to connect it there.. or buy the cord. I figure if all else fails i'll just send the cord to my friend's kids.. Lord knows they can always use another one as they are always loosing theirs.

    I'll let you all know how it turns out.
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    Geeze... I hope you never find anything I've lost! LOL :D

    Seriously, even if I were in that mindset.. What would I do with an ipod? I don't buy Cd's.. and I don't see myself buying songs on itunes. I have a rhapsody subscription.. and that's what I use to play my music if the fancy strikes me.

    I thought about an ipod touch at some point... but i decided that when I do finally buy an ipod.. i'm gonna get the best money can buy.. It's called a macbook or a macbook pro. I don't need anything more portable than that! Because just like the owner of this tiny ipod... I'd loose it.

    Again, thanks for all your help guys.

    I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    Ok, i got the cord.. Got the ipod charged.. It seemed to be a brick. As in : all it displayed was a "Sad ipod face"... Which i looked up online.

    As per Apple's instructions... I was able to force it into disk mode. So according to apple's site.. it's not a hardware issue.

    (I should also say here that it was barely charged when I found it... It seemed to be working ok until it died...so I don't know if the sad face is an "all the time" problem? )

    However, the only suggestion apple has is to restore the ipod... which i am assuming isn't gonna help me track down the owner of said ipod... In fact, that would delete all of the owner's info :-( defeating the entire purpose of my screwing around with the stupid ipod in the first place.

    So.. Do i assume the ipod was thrown out because of the sad face.. and let this quest go... or do I continue to pursue it?

    I mean, as an apple lover i'd liked to have seen it returned to it's owner. Mostly because i'd have wanted my ipod back if i'd have lost it... But on the other hand.. How much time do I want to invest in returning this ipod? Especially if all things indicate it was just thrown out to begin with?

    Is there anyway to avoid doing a restore? or any way of pulling up any of the AAC songs to try to get the email address another way?
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    Honestly, since you've already come so far, I feel it would be fine for you to just keep it. You made the effort, but theres no use stressing over it so much. I believe most people here would think it is fine for you to just keep it for yourself if it works. =)
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    yeh, keep it!!!!! or sell it if u really dont need it. :)
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    Well so I would say that you went beyond the requisite amount of effort in trying to return this thing. I'd suggest that at this point you keep the thing if it works. If you're able to get info without restoring great then you can return it; but if you can't do anything other than restore I see no reason for you not to keep it. Kudos to you for trying though! :D

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