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Free app to record and loop audio?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by MusicEnthusiast, May 3, 2013.

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    Hey all.

    All I am looking for is an app that can record audio (ie - a tune from the piano that I record from the iPad) that can loop. Would like it to be free... I did a quick search and found a lot of apps that cost because they have way more features that I need. Thanks!
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    Well I'd recommend you grab something like Garageband and not to be a cheap stake :D
    I use a lot of music production apps, but none of them, that I recall, is free.
    I found this, but it's old and outdated, maybe it will work for your purposes, maybe it won't.

    I just throw out Garageband since it's pretty cheap (5 bucks) and it has several instruments you can play with, apart from the "DAW" view where you can mix it all.
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    Haha, well... I took the plunge. Just bought Garage Band. I figured that I can mess around with the other cool settings. Can't wait to try it tonight!!! :)
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    Glad you did!!! :D
    You're gonna enjoy it. Seriously, for the price (a couple coffee cups, a magazine, etc), it's one of the best apps in the AppStore no doubt.

    You might wanna get something like a cool synth to expand the sounds, and Audiobus as well, to bridge sound between apps (Garageband just recently gained Audiobus support, so that's a plus).

    Anyway, enjoy!

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