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Free Domain Name and Logo - geckoscript.com

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by jeremy.king, Mar 5, 2004.

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    Wondering if anyone would like the domain name geckoscript.com and a free logo. I decided that I already manage too many sites, so adding another to the mix is not the direction I wanted for my spare time (i.e. TOO MANY HOBBIES)

    You can have the name outright, just pay for any transfer costs (if applicable) if you want to change registrars as it is currently registered with mydomain.com. I can change ALL ownership to you and send you the PSD file of the logo that is currently shown on http://www.geckoscript.com

    The logo was created based on feedback from users here, so I offer it up to my fellow macrumorites. I also have a page mockup, but its nothing special...You can have that too.

    There is a lot of possibilities for the name, and I have proposed donating this to Mozilla, but received no replies. So now I turn to you. Is anybody interested in taking this and running with it? I would really love to see something made of the name, as I have had it for a while now.

    Interested parties can post here, or PM me.


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