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Free Web Design Program

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by zflauaus, Dec 12, 2005.

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    I have a website started up, but the home page and other pages are poorly put together. I was wondering what suggestions you have for a web design program other than Nvu. Thanks!
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    its not completely free, ($20) , and its not graphical, but skedit is awesome.
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    Typing in HTML with TextWrangler. You could try OpenOffice or NeoOffice - but those aren't too grand - TacoHTML I've used, but didn't like it - GoLive CS2 Trial - 30 days free. *opens up google*
    You could use Mozilla Suite or Firefox (I think its called Mozilla Suite). Those have embedded editors in them or can be downloaded, respectively.... still googling.
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    I second text wrangler. Nothing beats learning the html/css and coding it by hand.

    For quick and very nice WYSIWYG, RapidWeaver is a good app. Not free, but their is a trial period, and it has a very cheap price tag - which I think is worth it.
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    I third TextWrangler (but I actually use SubEthaEdit). Learning to do it by hand is soooooo much better. especially when you get into more advanced sites using server side scripting like PHP and such. It really isn't difficult to learn. I started with Designing with Web Standards by Jeffery Zeldman. I little old now, but it provides a great starting point. Then you can get some reference books on HTML and CSS to really get going.
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    Well, for the simple stuff I just code in vi and edit the file on the HTML server (though kd5owo.anness.org is currently down, and no telling when it will be back up :( ). For stuff that I am not skilled with I use OpenOffice.

    Both free, but perhaps not the best. But if you can do the coding all by hand, then any text editor will do you fine.

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