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Funky display problem

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by crazytom, Jul 24, 2004.

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    I like to think that I know what I'm doing, but sometimes there's one of those things:

    Yesterday, my CRT monitor colors went all funky, all of my colors became saturated and washed out. I tried recalibrating...and here's where the interesting part comes in:

    The first thing it asks you to do in monitor calibration is to turn your contrast all the way up and adjust brightness until you can see the oval in the box. I've set my brightness to the max and I still can't see the oval, though, on my wife's account, everything is just fine. I've even calibrated from her account and still get lousy results when using the settings on mine. I've checked my startup/login items and don't see anything weird there. I'm stumped.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, though I'm not holding my breath on this one!!!
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    It sounds like your display preferences are corrupted. Possibly your ColorSync cache? I looked in my own Preferences folder and could not find a Display pref. I did see several ColorSync profiles and in /Library/Preferences/ there is a ColorSync cache. Perhaps try deleting that and see if it resolved your problem.
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    Yup, I thought that might be it also...that didn't work.

    I've found some other prefs that look interesting: ui prefs (I assume user interface) and others. I just don't want to delete stuff willy nilly and totally screw myself over. Which leads to my next question: can any prefs be deleted without adverse effects?

    Once I get time, I'm going to compare my wife's prefs to my own and see if there's any differences.
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    I dropped my iBook once and that happened, then i dropped it again and it got fixed. Don't do that though.
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    you probably tried to degauss it but anyways it sound like your chord maybe bad or it might be recieving interference from an external source.
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    Found it!

    I found the problem. Somehow, in Universal Access, the 'Enhance Contrast' slider got moved up...how, I don't know.. :confused:

    Now that I've been looking at front of the 'problem' setting for a couple days, it sure looks weird seeing it normal again! :D

    Thanks for everyone's input!!! :)

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