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Funny Story on 5g iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by zap2, Oct 17, 2005.

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    so i'm in school and about a 3 weeks ago and this kid said he had a white iPod Nano, so im like cool but he never brought it in so I'm like ''ok your not really use it up what ever''

    Then today he said "i got a vidoe iPod" and he said "i went to the local store and bought it!!" Now im thinking ''HaHa i caught you in a bold face lie!! I did not call him out on it ,but if he keeps talking about it i will. I just find it so funny that this kid would lie about having the new iPod becuz he wanted to sound cool! come on!! be yourself

    So now im not sure if he ever had an iPod Nano or not and he said he has an iBook ,so know im not sure if he even has an iBook.

    I'm kind of sorry for this kid

    YA so kind no point but crazy story( forgive my spelling) :p
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    Ok- from the evidence presented above, I conclude that you are either eleven or drunk.
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    You really should re-read that at least once. I had to fill in words in my head just so it was understandable. Good story though. Guy sounds like a moron that's just begging for attention. I'd say your full of **** and expose him in his little white lie.
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    What grade are you in? :rolleyes:
  6. mpw

    You were ever near a school?
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    I was thinking the very same thing.
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    I need to know

    Tell me EXACTLY what school you go to so I can make sure my kids never, ever go there.

    On another note...how old are you?
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    HAHAHA That made my day!
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    If you know that your spelling is bad, why not correct it before you post? :confused: Doing so would spare you from a lot of posts like this one...
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    hahaha, what a dumb story. :D
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    Anyone have a half assed writing to English dictionary handy?
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    I'm still waiting for the punch line....................
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    I just wanted to contribute that while I was reading that, I didn't understand ONE line of it. All the people were mixed up.....bah!
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    As a moderator at pinkfloydonline.com, (and we currently seem to be overrun by less intelligent teens than this), I understood what they were saying, but thought it was pointless and boring.

    It did however remind me of asking, anyone got an idea of when the new iPods will hit the stores in both the US and UK? I work in a store that is an apple authorised retailer, (few apples stores in the UK, a few more franchises, but we are the closest they have to a nationwide store chain), and have been estimating the end of the month before we get them in stock. Just wondered if anyone could shed a little light on current distribution. Last i heard, apple stores in the US weren't getting them until October 30th and the apple website for the UK permanently states 7 days, but that has been known to be wrong so often before.
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    ya i was bored but Macrumors is REALLY a nice place these days!! ;)

    YA i would be yelling at someone if they did a post like these

    Mods wasteland please??(im the original post if you reading skill are as bad as my spelling skills :p )

    My school rocks, im just not a good speller and was in a hurry( ya i know that no excuse)
    ( was not that great of a story)

    make to the shadows to cry ;)
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    he's not drunk, he's just 11. :)
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    you know, i was gonna try to post a translation for people who couldnt read it, but i couldnt figure out what he was saying..(no offense to the OP :))
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    Thanks for the laugh...made my day....
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    .........worst....story.....ever (comic book guy-voice)
  21. *Y*
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    He is probably a drunk 11 year old! :D
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    A girl in my class said her friend had a video iPod, I thought I had caught her in a lie, and I called her on it. Turns out she said her friend knows one of the designers for the iPod team, and her friend was one of the testers. I asked if she had seen it or not, she said 'no' because her friend signed a contract saying she wouldn't show anyone.
    I'm really not sure if this whole story is true, but now I kinda whish I had never called her on it :eek:
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    ^If she was telling the truth...cave in. Cave in immediately. Who knows...maybe you can still get some satisfaction... ;) :p
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    13 ;)

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