Future Shop iPod Touch Orders - December?!

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by brgnewman, Sep 14, 2007.

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    I went to Future Shop's site to check the status on my iPod Touch order and everything looked normal. Then as a test I walked through ordering another one (Just to see if they were still for sale); and wow, did I have a surprise :eek: .

    Look at the attachment below, on the left is my iPod Touch order and on the right is the test iPod Touch order I just did.

    1. Shipping prices have gone up (Basically doubled)?
    2. Stock status says 12/10/2007
    3. "Release Date December 10, 2007"?!?!?!?

    Uhhhh, hopefully a typo....?
    - Barret

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    ooo....MMM....GGGG.....:( :( :( I can't purchase mine til the 21st....
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    Instead of buying from a reseller who are dependant on Apple shipments and as such are lower in the pecking order than Apple Stores themselves, why not just buy from an actual Apple Store for exactly the same price?
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    i dont think i have an apple store in site...Pensacola FL
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    What about the Apple Store online? Do they ship to Canada? Don't you have a Canadian Apple Store online?
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    Canada! I live in Florida..?:confused:
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    store.apple.com maybe? Why would you pay an extra $30 for slower shipping?
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    Didn't read your post properly. My point remains the same though! Apple Store online.
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    oo..haha. ok
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    You misread that date..Canadians use day/month/year...so that's October 12 not December 10. ;)

    It's ok it happens all the time. Like when an american drives a canadian car, they freak out when they see the speedometer...it's in km not miles.
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    Uhhh, no? We read it Month/Date/Year. It even says on the pic December 10th, 2007 above "Apple 8gb iPod Touch".

    Anyways, it appears to have been fixed; Back to October 12th, 2007. Scared me for a minute
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