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G4 colour bug

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jazzbum, May 13, 2013.

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    I have just switched my screen on an iBook G4 , and have a strange problem with colour. Overall it's fine , desktop , images are as they should be . But when I try using some drawing apps -Sketchbook Pro, CocoaPad-. the colour picker is unable to pick the true colour . This is very obvious with bright red which is shown on the wheel as bright red but appears in the "chosen colour" box as dull yellow-brown . All other colours are muted when I'm drawing. If I use the Spectrum colour picker in CocoaPad it shows the true colour , and draws with it , but when saved as jpg or png files images are reduced to the muted colours again . It does save true colours to gif files though.
    I've tried running Colour Sync App , no change.
    Any ideas? It happened in Photoshop and I got round it by changing the colour definition to RGB. Other programs (Sketchbook Pro , CocoaPad) don't have a preference pane for this. ArtRage is fine as it is.
    The screen shows colour normally , I can change the display colour settings to RGB , Wide Gamut etc, but the colour picker problem is specific and dramatic.
    Any ideas?
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    Pretty sure you can adjust the display color in System preferences > Display and I think you have to click on advanced or something like that.
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    I had that happen once when I switched to a Samsung external monitor. Go to "color" in display preferences and check your profile. I forget which fixed the problem. No harm in trying different ones until you find one that's good.

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