G4 loads too slowly!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by clashbakk8, Oct 16, 2004.

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    When I turn my G4 on, it loads slower than usual. What do I need to do to fix it?
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    maybe unplug the speakers. that's what my problem was.
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    tried that. it doesnt load any faster. it takes too long from turning on the computer to the user login screen
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    It just started doing this? Did you recently add something new? Try repairing permissions.
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    nope its been doing this since somewhere in late-August/early-September
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    What exactly is it? iMac? eMac? PowerMac?
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  8. dav
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    Is RAM an issue? How much RAM do you have?
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    Have you done a permission repair recently? How about the maintenance scripts?
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    just did permission repair. fixed a few things. how do you access maintenance scripts?
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    Normally the maintenance scripts run automatically during the middle of the night if the computer is left on. But, if you turn off the computer at night, you will need to go to macupdate.com and look for the program called "onyx". It allows you to run the scripts on command.
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    Also, try macjanitor. Does the same thing...
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    I usually turn the computer off at night, but if I leave it on, will the scripts run while the computer is in sleep mode?
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    Nope. That's why MacJanitor is useful.

    It's also quite possible that your hard-drive is fragmented and needs a good defragmenting session... you will need a 3rd party utility like TechTools Pro 4.

    Stay away from any version of Norton Utilities, otherwise a world of pain awaits you... (possibly :) )
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    RAM isnt a problem. um, I HAVE Norton on my computer, but will I need to turn stuff off?
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    In future if you have a prob, it helps to post your model of Mac and it's operating system & any other tech details that you may feel is relevant.

    All of the below only counts if you have OSX, some of it OS 9.

    If I were you I would remove it.

    Norton Utilities has screwed up 2 of my hard-drives in the past, Norton Antivirus is a waste of time on a Mac and can lead to conflicts with other programs.

    Do a forum search on Norton Utilities to find out others' experiences with it.
    You won't find many complementary comments.

    You may not have to remove it. If you're running OS X, go to System Preferences, Accounts, Startup Items tab. See what apps you have there (these auto-start when you boot the Mac) if Norton or anything unwanted is there, except for Suitcase (if you have it) then deactivate it.

    If that fails trash it, especially if you have the original installation CD.
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    I've used Norton Utilities since version since version 2.0 (early 1990s..)
    It used to be a great program, but after OSX came around Norton hasn't managed to get a usable program. It's damaging to have Norton installed on OSX (yes this also includes the SystemWorksX 2 & 3 pacakges..)
    If you need a disk utility app, get DiskWarrior (or Drive10).
    OSX handles everything itself. Macjanitor and others only starts OSX own repair scripts..
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    Why in Gods name would that make a difference?
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    It was a problem for me because I think there is a short in the speaker jack on my iMac. I know it's not a problem for everyone, but I figured he could give it a shot.

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