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G4 Memory Help

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by pcproff, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Ok guys I am going to make my first Mac upgrade ever and what better than to start with memory. First of all I run alot of Flash, DW, etc, Will 1gb of memory help out alot in these programs? I get around three bounces and then 10 sec. for them to open. I wanna know will my PB scream after I add the 1gb I have 512 now. Will this alter my ext. warranty if I purchase and install it myself will my battery life get shorter, Please help.

    PB 1.5ghz 15.2 512mb ddr.
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    If you are running alot of high end apps, more RAM is always better. You should see improvements when working with larger files. RAM cannot void warranty as it is a user installable item.

    Your battery life should not get shorter. If anything it may increase as your hard drive will be used less for pageouts. But I would not expect too much change in battery life.
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    Is there a better type of memory than the other I see apple uses samsung in theyre powerbooks or that is the type they recommend. I am looking to purchase a 1gb stick.

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