G4 Running Leopard?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by sMAChead, Mar 13, 2010.

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    Hello all, i recently came across a PM G4. A friend said it was broke so i took it. i reloaded it with a copy of Tiger, and poof it works......rather well actually. So after doing this and seeing how well it performs, i was wondering if it could run Leopard ok? ive read a couple of places that some apps dont work when you install leopard on a G4....any help would be much appreciated....i just want VLC on my G4 help me out lol
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    yes just load up leopard onto it, should work fine and dandy
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    The G4 is a PowerPC. The only Mac apps you can't run on a PowerPC machine are Intel applications and OS 9 applications if you're running Leopard, because Classic is not supported in Leopard.

    As long as it's "Universal" or "PowerPC" process, it's fine.
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    sorry i meant a PM G4....still work fine and dandy?
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    I have a Mirror Drive Door single-processor 1.25ghz...not one problem with it as long as you install Flash 10.1 beta 3. If you have anything less than a 1.25ghz, don't bother, Flash will dump on it.
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    a G4? load up the system profiler so we can see what the specs are, not all G4's will run leopard the minimum specs are 867Mhz cpu and 1Gb of ram,

    you originally posted it was a G5? which is it

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    the original thread was titled G5 ;)
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    Yeah, I was there when that happened. Where were YOU when the G5 confusion was made *cue sappy Tim McGraw song*
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    OK well its a Power Pc G4 (2.9) dual 450mhz, 512mb ram
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    it wont run 10.5 i've tried even with maxxed out ram, unless you want to shell out money for a sonnet cpu upgrade, but with G5 prices what they are, it might be cheaper for you to pick a dual 1.8Ghz or 2Ghz G5 ;)

    i was here when the thread was first posted, thats why i commented on which computer he actually had ;)
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    WOAH! All hope is lost. I've got a 1ghz G4 running right now and...frankly...it's crap. Quicktime can barely handle an iPod h.264 video.

    Use it as an iTunes server, or an alarm clock. I set my old G3 iMac to start up at 6am every morning and rock the Van Halen.
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    =( thats all i needed to know, its no biggie i just ordered a G5 off a employee purchase program from work, for $400 =)
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    If it's a dual processor G5...you're gonna like it ;)

    With Windows machines, you'd be crazy to buy a 5-year-old computer, but when it comes to Apple we're not talkin' doggie years.
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    Yes it is a Dual Processor =) from all i have read about the G5 its quite the machine performance wise. I currently operate on a Intel Mac Blackbook and I love it, such a little work horse. Cant wait to trash my old Windows desktop pc and replace with something that doesnt need antivirus scans every 15 secs. thanks for all the help guys!
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    Um, to give you an idea of PowerPC performance:

    The G5 was the most powerful PowerPC Mac ever made.

    The lowest powered MacBook ever made is almost equal to the MOST POWERFUL G5...yeah...it ways 1/9th as much and creates almost no noise and yet it's more powerful than the most powerful PowerPC Mac...

    The only thing the G5 really beats the MacBook at (noticeable performance difference in real world terms) is graphics performance. The MacBooks with Intel graphics can't touch most of the cards that came with the G5.

    ...I want a G5 :'(
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    i'm writing this on a Dual 2Ghz G5, ya wanna swap? :p
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    My MacBook Pro 13" 2.53ghz?! But it's 1.5x as fast!

    Take my client's busted BlackBook, it just needs a new LCD screen :D

    To save on shipping, I'll send my mule for the G5.
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    yeah but i've got better graphics, more storage options, and the legendary windtunnel noise at full tilt ;) cant beat that haha
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    Two drive bays, stop me before I can't control myself -.-'

    How is the sound, anyway? People complain about the G4 too but my MDD is as tame as a sedated walrus with a popsicle. The ONLY noise I considered bothering was the old hard disk. Thirty gigs on fifty platters XD

    The same with my G3. It has a SCSI controller installed, and boy when you plug in three of those old clunkers...it frightens me.

    *10-21, we have a threadjacking in progress at the corner of MacRumors and Apple Hardware, dispatch walrus sedatives*
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    the sounds getting there, am having trouble getting it fully ramped like i used to but i'll get there, the HD noise on boot-up is annoying, think it might be on it's way but meh, it does the job for now,

    and only two bays yeah, but i've got more usb ports and firewire for externals ;)
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    G4's under 867MHz WILL run 10.5. It just takes some trickery.

    I loaded 10.5 onto a dual 800 G4 for my mom a while back, just needed to start the machine over target disk mode, and install from a computer that is over 867MHz. I remember reading there is a simple hack you can do so it to bypass the frequency check too though.
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    only just, i tried it on a 450Mhz, and a dual 450Mhz, even with leopard assist, it wouldn't work either time
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    Yeah yeah, ok, don't forget I can use mine on a plane without breaking my back.

    Wait a tick, what card are you using? I'm almost sure xBench gave me a 100%+ on graphics when compared to one of the G5's as a baseline.
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    i'm using a nvidia Geforce FX5200, but i've got room for 3 more ;)

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