G4 Titanium in Clamshell mode?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by instantturtle, Aug 4, 2004.

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    I have a Powerbook G4 Titanium 1ghz (the last one they made before the Al models) running Panther. Is there a way to run the machine in clamshell mode? I know older Powerbooks had this option, but does the Titanium G4 allow this?
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    Yes, this is possible using a tibook. Plug in an external display, keyboard, and mouse. Now close the lid of the powerbook causing it to go to sleep. Now, wake up the powerbook using the external keyboard or mouse. The computer will wake up using the external display only.
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    If you are doing an important task (say downloading a file) and don't want to put the computer to sleep by closing the lid, you can use the app SleepLess (close the lid, then use the "Detect Displays" option to disable the internal LCD). However, I highly recommend that you reopen the lid after you have re-awakened the Powerbook from sleep (the internal LCD will be off). The Powerbook Titanium releases a large amount of heat though the keyboard, and keeping the lid closed is bad for the LCD and the computer.
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    opening the lid

    I do the same thing with my 12 in. G4 powerbook, and I always open the lid. It helps with the heat but it also helps with my AirPort reception.
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    Not recommended?

    So would you say that running in clamshell mode isn't highly recommended - due to heat issues? Who knows, maybe clamshell is overrated, dual displays are neater.. I just remember how the older Powerbooks could do it and I thought it was nifty...
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    Apple seems to believe that running the powerbook with the lid closed it fine for it, but I have wondered about all the heat that gets released through the keyboard. If it really could damage the screen, I don't think Apple would allow the powerbook to run in clamshell mode though.

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