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G5 and isight problem?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nospleen, Sep 9, 2003.

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    My isight is not working with my G5. ichat keeps telling me that I do not have a camera connected. I have tried rebooting, (old windows tactics), uninstalling and reinstalling, closing and reopening isight, but nothing seems to work. Is there an issue with the G5 and the isight or is there a fix? I figured this was more software related than hardware, but if this is in the wrong forum, oops...
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    Not sure what your problem is, but I can tell you there is no problem with the G5 and iSight. I have a friend who has both and gave me a tour of his dorm yesterday. Almost made me want to buy one :)
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    my isight is currently not recognized at all by any program.
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    Is this running 10.2.7 (G5) or Panther Beta?
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    I am running 10.2.7. When I open isight, the camera does not turn on at all. If I unplug it and plug it in again, the light on the top shows green, but then turns off. The ports are fine, I used my camcorder on both ports yesterday. I have reinstalled numerous times, I cannot seem to figure this out. It is very frustrating though, I am not use to having to play pc doctor on my mac. (granted it is a beta still, but on my old powermac it worked great)
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    I am thinking of taking my isight to my sisters and trying it on her mac. Just to make sure it did not crap out on me.
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    Checking the Apple System Profiler:
    Does it show the iSight being connected?
    Similar to this:
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    I will check as soon as I get home and post back. Thanks.
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    It does show it as being connected??
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    Did anyone get an answer on this? I have two isights and have tested them on a DP G4 450 fine but the DP G5 rejects them for some reason.
    Same fault when you plug it in the green light comes on and ichat starts to launch. However the light has gone out by the time ichat is up and running and it doesn't think there is an isight connected. The system profiler does see the isight!!
    Just sused it. The G5 dosn't come with ichatAV just ichat. Will hve to wait for 10.3 to be delivered:<(
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    works fine with me... running panther on a dp g5, no problems at all.

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    i'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but are you running the beta of ichat?
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    it wouldnt matter since the final ichat came out last week with panther.

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    true. but since he is running 10.2.7 it might have been a possibility.

    he might not have upgraded...i don't know. either way, it does not hurt to check. :)
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    yeah, either way he should be running 10.2.8 until his panther comes in the mail...unless he hasnt ordered it yet :eek:

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    upgrade to 10.2.8 ASAP. That happened to me the first day I got my DP G5. Panther works fine with it though.

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