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G5 cooling system

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by aussie_geek, Jul 9, 2005.

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    Just found some pics of the cooling system of the G5 2.5 / 2.7 Ghz machines.

    Considering the size of these unit's, I would think that the chips wouldn't run without them..... Did IBM have this in mind when the 970's were designed??

    By the way, does anyone know how to get the 'G5' covers off - -the ones that are covering the processor core. I would like to clean inside with an air-jet spray. I am sure there would be dust inside... ;)



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    :eek: Wow, you could cool a house with those things! If it takes that much hardware to keep pa chip at running temperature, there's a big problem.
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    That's exactly what I thought. IBM must have their chip fabrication factory immersed in liquid nitrogen.... :p

    The cooling system is custom made by Delphi. They specialize in automotive cooling systems.

    This might be the reason why there is no 3GHz yet. Fair enough, IBM can make them but they spontaneously combust after a few clock cycles..... :eek:

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    Delphi is known for making the heavy stuff. That's just wrong for them to have to use a cooling system like that. IBM should be ashamed. Look closely folks, this is the immediate reason for switching to Intel.
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    You would think you could cool the chips with this without any fans huh. You know I have that in my 2.5ghz G5 and here is my analysis. The fans run a bit higher in my 2.5ghz but its not because of the CPUs. The memory controller is just cooled by a fan and since the frontside bus is higher 1.25ghz and in the 2.7ghz G5 1.35ghz it needs more cooling so THAT fan runs a bit faster making the machine louder. What would be nice is if that liquid cooling unit was extended to all the components that need cooling. Then the machine would be virtually silent.

    I wonder if its possible to run extension tubes off of this liquid cooling unit to go to the video card chip, the memory controller and whatever else needs cooling on the G5. That would be uhum "cool".
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    I think you would need at least 1 fan. As it is a radiator (obviously designed off a [​IMG] truck :p), air still needs to be moved off the coils. A fan-less design like the Cube is out of the question as these things are smokin.

    I agree with the idea of a centralized cooling system. Apple could have watercooled the whole case / components with copper pipe ducting and heatsinks. You would have 1 big radiator with a big, low RPM fan. The only think you would hear is the hard drive.


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