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G5 Mouse Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by JesterJJZ, Sep 2, 2004.

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    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed how sensative the new optical mouse is? The one that came with my G5 is horrible. Each time I pick it up and place it back down on the pad it clicks. I've now switched and an using the mouse from my G4. I had the same problem with the G5 I had at work and my friend whoe just got one has the same thing as well. What happened? Why does the optical mouse from apple suck now? Anyone else noticed this?
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    The one that came with my G5 is fine, but it's too bad that Apple (probably in an effort to cut costs) did away with the adjustability feature on the bottom of the black mice, as then you could just turn the wheel to the "+" setting to give it more resistance.
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    They have that on the wireless mice. Just do it in the system prefs
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    Sorry, I haven't used an Apple mouse in years. Last one I actually hooked up was that old hockey puck thing. It lasted as long as it took to buy a 2-button scroll mouse to replace it. Much happier w/a modern mouse. btw, is Apple the last volume manufacturer in the market that still makes 1-button mice?
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    No, I think several manufacturers of toys for small children include one-button mice for their toddler-oriented offerings.
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    so sad but so true. i can't count how many people comment on the intelligence of mac users "because if they can't remember the functionality of more than one button"...the one button mouse is such a joke it's not even funny. simplicity is nice, but not when it cuts out productivity in the process, not to mention makes you look incompetent.

    yay im 6502...WTF IS THAT?
  7. mms
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    The one buttoned mouse is sad. At least they did away with the hockey puck design though. That had to be the worst design in history. The Apple optical mouse is well designed but the one button makes it unusable for most people. They should at least include the option to ship the computer with a multi-buttoned, scroll wheel mouse. My Logitech trackball is nice but it looks out of place next to the Apple keyboard...

    6502 is the rank above member. Some processor model from the past I believe.
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    I think the 6502 is the cpu of the old Apple II. Maybe the Lisa? The macs used 68000, 68020, 68030, 68040, then PPC 601, etc.

    And that hockey puck...wow it was awful. I remember the designers trying to explain why it was a superior design. Guess they never actually used one. In its defense, it was probably decent if your hands are the size and shape of my dog's paws.

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