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G5 Question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by G5-Sir Mac Alot, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I have a dual 1.8 ghz. powermac g5 that im using as my everyday machine. I have the ability to get a motherboard and processor and watercooled setup from a 2.7 dual. But no enclosure. Can I swap the 1.8 stuff out and install the 2.7 in my enclosure. Also he says that he doesnt have a cpu cover. does that matter? will mine fit it?
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    The CPU cover doesn't really matter. The only problem would be the power supply. The 1.8Ghz one you have may not be able to power the 2.7Ghz board and CPUs.
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    How would I know? Also I looked up on everymac.com and it shows that both were identified as A1047 powermac 7.3. Doesnt that mean the models are identical other than processor size. Sorry, complete noob on things like this.
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    One power supply is rated for 550 watts and the other is rated for 700 watts.
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    Ok, according to Galaxyparts.com.. All dual processor G5s should have the 600 watt power supply. The list showed both the Dual 1.8ghz and Dual 2.7ghz. as being the same. Only the First run single cpus had 450watt supplys. Maybe this will work?!?
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    According to the Apple Service manual, they are different. If you attempt that, you'll likely blow your power supply.
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    Ok. Oh well. Thank you for your help. Its my only machine so I better not take a chance.
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    Nope. They have different numbers but exactly that same specs.
    All 600W ones are interchangeable, as well 450W ones.

    OP, you can use 1,8's PSU in 2.7 if it's 600W one.
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    Really? Thank you so much! I did some more research last night and sounds like it should go smoothly but may have to use asd disc to get fans in order again. Now if I can just get the guy to answer an email, I coiuld just go get it!:rolleyes:

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