G5 stalls at log-in after installing new RAM.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by cpking7, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Late 2005 G5 Dual ran fine till I tried installing more RAM. Now logging in with my password just brings back the blank log in page. Replaced just original RAM, but still no go. Tried zapping pram, tried command-option-O-F to reset svram(?), tried Command S, tried pushing button on logic board, tried putting in target mode to repair disc using my old laptop, but nothing makes a difference. System profiler shows it recognizes the RAM, so they're in the right slots and properly seeded. In target mode, I can see the hard disc contents, but the aps don't open when double-clicked. Any other thoughts of what else I might try?
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    Is the RAM matched?


    You know what create a new user and try logging in with that.

    Try repairing permissions too.
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    You might try booting up in Safe mode. (Hold Shift during startup). This might help you diagnose the problem. However looking at the situation it seems like the RAM is probably bad. Have you tried putting the old memory back in to see if it works?
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    Yes, both the new RAM and original were matched. Once I started having problems, I went with just the original RAM in the original slots. System profiler shows both are there.

    I'll try the new user if I can get far enough. Thanks.

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    I tried holding shift, but the fan went crazy and I just ended up with the gray apple logo and a spinning wagon wheel.

    As soon as I started having problems, I put the original RAM in the original slots. They showed up in system profiler, but changed nothing else.

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    Yeah, that is what it is supposed to do. Safe mode makes the machine do a whole bunch of little tests and stuff. Sometimes it can take the machine 15 minutes to boot into safe mode.

    Anyways, if you got it working, the new RAM must be defective. Sorry about that. :(
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    Reinstall the RAM, it sounds like its not pushed in all the way. I had that prob before. Just make sure the RAM is inserted all the way, and clipped down.
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    I held shift and after 10 minutes, got it to safe boot, but then it simply cycled back to a blank log in screen-- albeit still in safe boot mode. Thanks for the idea, though.

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    Just FYI, nothing else worked, so I reinstalled system software and that did the trick. Thanks to all that tried helping.


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