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G5, What are the Specs?

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by MacManiac1224, Nov 7, 2001.

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    I am hearing a lot about the up and coming G5, as you all are, but my question is, when it comes out, what are the specs going to be? Motherboard bus, Firewire, Firewire 2, USB, USB 2, Superdrive in all machines, how much ram, etc...

    Also what do you guys think the case is going to look like? I am curious.......
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    G5 @ 1.2 , 1.4
    512 RAM...
    BIG harddrive.. .so big i dont even care
    DDR-226 SDRAM
    8500ATi / nVidia GeForce3
    airport standard
    the case must change. at the moment it is getting REAL old. OLD OLD OLD. its still yosemite.

    G5 @ 1.4 minimum & dual 1.6 available
    512 on base - 1 gig on top
    2 X sobigidontcareHARDDRIVE

    oh wait i jsut realised... .they are mostly alike (aside from the FMD-ROM drive and a free Dean Kamens Ginger IT dveice)

    my bro posted a message recently. he said - either apple is going to blow us off earth. or they are going to dissappoint like nuts.

    come jan 8th...



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    How about they put in 512VRAM while their at it?

    also is 180gig HD still the biggest available? these days I wouldn't ever want to go anysmaller than 40gig (what I have now) but even now 40gig is becoming smaller and smaller, I prefer to have atleast 30 gigs free which is imposible on a 40gig unless you never use it
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    Ensign Paris


    My HD set up is:

    Internal HD: 40gb
    2x External HDs: 80gb in Raid 1 Config

    Wicked and I only use about 29% of it.
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    instead of putting the money into a even larger hard drive, the need for higher RAM would probably be the key selling point

    apple is sometimes stingy in the RAM department
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    ya plus ram is so ridiculously cheap now even for brands like Crucial. i can't wait. i would start another thread but im lazy. i'm looking forward to the g5, the dual-g4 powerbook, and a new Apple/Palm PDA in the next three months. heres to mac predictions.
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    I got a 512 stick before the big price drop and payed ov AU$700 for it now it is around AU$100
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    I got a 512 stick before the big price drop and payed ov AU$700 for it now it is around AU$100, should I get more for my iMac while it is cheap or is 640 enough?

    I use OSX and want it fast but is it worth it?
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    would you people give it up with the pda thing?

    jobs said himself that apple will not be jumping into the pda market. so go cry to your mommies now.
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    Ensign Paris



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    Processor: 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6Ghz G5 (DP will most likely be too expensive)
    System Bus: 400Mhz (same as P4)
    RAM: 512MBs DDR (Apple could make their computers seem a lot better at a minimal cost increase by upping the ram to about a gigabyte. Cost 'em about 80-100 extra and would look quite nice on a spec sheet)
    HD: Some big harddrive (~100GB)
    AGP: 4X or 8X, not sure
    USB 2
    Firewire 2
    Graphics Card: GeForce 3 Ti, I like the Radeon 8500 better but Apple's been shifting over to Nvidia, I don't think they're going to backtrack.
    Case: Something new, the current case is one of the most practical and nice looking I can think of but it's getting a bit old.
    OS: X.2, 9.22. They should be out by then.
    Networking: Gigabit ethernet (That's going to be the same for a while now I think), built in AirPort (AirPort2?)
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    I think you are right about the G5 DP, but.... what about a 2/3 processor G4 running at say 1.1Ghz?? The G4 will be cheaper once the G5 appears!!
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    jobs said "apple will not be in the pda market"
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    he once said apple was a software company first and until os x, he looked like he was running a hardware company only

    either way, the ipod is cool and it still is completely sold out at the local mac store where i live...i know the ipod is not the traditional idea of what some call a pda but industry watchers consider it one as did office depot where i once worked (the rio and other mp3 players)

    i am yet to see the ipod, have you? and is it cool?

    ps - you are getting close to 200 and you will be in john123 and kela's neighborhood

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