G5 Xserve Leak?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 8, 2003.

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    AtComputers.co.uk posts the session plan for a "free half-day seminar designed to introduce you to Apple's lastest video editing solutions."

    Their half-day sessions list something interesting at 10am:

    Screenshot archived: http://www.chaosmint.com/mac/g5-xserve-session/
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    looks like another possible case of premature specification.

    Whoops. :D
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    Hard to say...

    on the one hand... I tend not to believe things posted to random vendor's websites... but this is pretty bold and clear. It's doesn't look like a typo or mistake. It's clearly the "new G5 Xserve".

    Time will tell...

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    Well, maybe we'll be seeing some special stuff on the 16th! :D
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    Powerbook G5

    I'm starting to like this premature specification. If this is true, then the only hardware that still needs to be updated is the PowerBook, eMac, and iBook. The eMac usually is a quite update. With Paris coming up, it would be nice to see the introduction of the new XServe, hear that Panther is GM...and "one last thing....back in Jan I said it was the 'year of the laptop'...many of you have lost the faith...but let me be the first to say 'welcome back to the fold'..."then see amazing new G5 PowerBooks and a new 12" G4 iBook to really blow everyone away next week. Top it off with the new wireless keyboards, mice, and aluminum displays, and we'd have the most amazing expo event ever. It seems like this would make a good MacWorld SF keynote, but I just cannot help but be optimistic simply because I love torturing myself that way.
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    Actually, there's a <br>-Tag after "G5", so it seems that G5 and Xserve are two different items. Maybe they meant:

    "Introducing the new G5, (<-- comma inserted by me)
    Xserve and Xserve Raid for Video
    Introducing Finalcut Pro "

    That would make sense -- show off the G5 towers, the (old) Xserve and Xserve Raid in a hardware demo, then show off FCP.
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    I think it is a typo, and that they just forgot a comma between G5 and xserve: ie. "Introducing the new G5, xServe and xServe RAID".

    I know the xserve and xserve RAID are not all that new, but not many people here in the UK have heard of them, so an introduction to them may not be so out of place, especially if the G5 heralds a more sustained move into the business workstation/enterprise market.
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    Ah... that makes sense.

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    I'd love to get excited about this and think it's so but I'd have to remain skeptical. Would VT been made aware that G5 XServes were right around the corner when buying the 1100 G5s? Then again, this is Apple, maybe not. Not to mention it'd seem odd with so few G5s even built yet (anyone else notice there's hardly zero posting of anyone getting their machines?!?) that they'd introduce a new player unless Apple wants two delayed fiascos on their hands.

    It will be a cool day though when she comes, G5 XServers, look out Intel Xeon, we'll eat your kids for breakfast!
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    and from a page-layout point of view
    each line is it's own entity on the page
    there is a line break between items
    like the break between final cut and the xserve line
    I'm typing this way to make my point

    no periods or commas needed

    I dunno... I read it the same way as you guys the first time, but now, I'm not so sure.
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    There is a br-tag, but the G5 and Xserve are in the same font-tag, as is the FCP line.
    So when typing this in the person did make two items: G5 Xserve and FCP.

    <p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1">09.30 - Registration</font></p>
    <p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1">10.00 - Introducing the new G5<br>Xserve and Xserve Raid for Video<br></font>
    <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1">Introducing Finalcut Pro 4</font></p>
    (forum line breaks my emphasis)
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    sorry, don;t buy it.. they used Dreamweaver for page creation, you can tell by the function names in the javascript tags.

    Never trust code created by a WSIWIG HTML editor. It assumes it knows what you want, and gives you a close approximation.

    If it was hand coded, then I would say it is a G5 xserve.

    but since it was dreamweaver, and everything else is on it's own line, then I say they are three seperate enitites. (g5, xserve, FCP)

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    It now says "Introducing the new G5 PowerMac, Xserve and Xserve Raid for Video". There's definitely a comma there now. :(
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    Premature Speculation?

    Oh well.

    G5 Powerbooks? Not before May IMO.

    Why? Die shrink, mlb, system controllers... The least of which won't be ready to *start* production until Jan. The others, later.

    G5 XServe? Apple Expo Paris? Possible. Definitely possible. I hope so.

    But have you seen the heat sync on the current G5's? I've never seen anything so humongous in my life. The heatsync alone wouldn't fit in a 1U.

    That's why the PB G5 won't happen until a significant die shrink.

    Apple *could* get G5 XServes out faster by offering them as 3U units, and packing a *lot* more power into them, then keeping the regular XServes on the market, because with all the additional goodies they'd be able to put in, it would cost a lot more. However, this strategy would never occur to Apple Marketing, and the Steved One would veto it, insisting no matter how bad the engineering nightmare is, it *must* fit into 1U.

    Just like the PowerBook has to fit in 1 inch.

    Oh well. We'll just have to wait.

    But yes, the time is quickly approaching when Apple will be rid of Motorola. YAY!

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    If it was close then I am sure that new supercomputer made up of 1100 Dual G5's would have been delayed until the G5 xserve came out. Think how much space they would have saved. I'm sure Apple would have discussed this with the supercomputers management.
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    Re: Premature Speculation?

    Keep in mind that in de G5 desktop Apple did it's best to get a very quiet system, after the G4 MDD debacle. I would take a noisy G4 Xserve without a problem.

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