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G5 Xserve updates Imminent?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 6, 2003.

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    AppleInsider claims that G5 Xserve updates are "imminent" now that Panther Server has been finalized.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    We shall see, I know for a fact my work will buy one if they are released soon. Thay are waiting on the release of pather server to buy an Xserve so they don't have to pay for the upgrade to Panther.
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    This will be a great update.
    Any indication as too size? 1 or 2 u?

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    virginia tech won´t be too happy!

    the hot pockets guys from virginia tech won´t be too happy when the g5 server goes out....
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    Virginia Tech still has a massively powerful cluster. I bet they get great frame rates when they play Quake or UT2003. :p
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    why is this on page 2. don't yout think its very likeley?
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    Probably. And probably also for limited interest. Most of us only care about Xserve because Apple makes it, as we will probably never own one...
  8. arn
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    Staff Member

    not very many details, and not much new information.

  9. dho
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    i wonder if the will run any faster than 2 ghz
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    G5 Xserve

    Ya know, I've got a 1.33 that does everything that I need it to. I can see upgrading to Panther but upgrading just because a faster processor came out? Nope. Oh yeah, I just received my first G5 and this thing is nice. I'm not going to list the "Apple pedigree" like I see some many who post in here like to do. Suffice it to say that the Air Force doesn't lack for funds to buy new machines. :D

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    I tend to disagree...

    First, I disagree about Virginia Tech. I'm sure they realized that XServe G5s would be coming out soon. They probably have their reasons. After all, Xserves aren't any more powerful than towers, just more expensive and less expandable. The size is great, to be sure, along with accessable.

    Second, to say that this, or any other, is a topic of limited interest is fairly narrow-sighted. Different people come to this site for different products. Just because you're only in the market for whatever it happens to be you're in the market for, doesn't mean that everything else is academic. I'm looking for an Xserve G5 and will buy one. You're only interested in the Xserve because Apple makes it but have no use for one? I'm an Apple diehard, but because I find their products useful to me. Why get caught up being a groupy for a computer maker? It's hard enough to find pertinent buying info without having to wade through the random opinions and thoughts of casual Apple fans.
  12. dho
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    my understanding is that they chose the g5 towers because of their time constraints.

    I think they wanted to make some top supercomputer list

    edit: the dho aint goodest at grammers
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    In response...

    Hey Dho,
    I won't argue with that. That's totally reasonable. My point is that I don't see them as being all "Did ya hear, the new g5 came out... in an XServe. Darnit! Who ever would have imagined. Had we only known, we would have waited." It is inevitable, and they had some reason not to wait. I get frustrated with comments like demagalhaes's. Like he knows something that Virginia Tech doesn't. Sorry for my rant, nevertheless.
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    Re: Hmmm...

    The reason would be that they wanted to get on the list of top 100 supercomputers in the world, but the date for eligibility was the beginning of October, if I'm not mistaken. The XServes weren't an option.

    And to add, Xserve would be more powerful in a cluster mainly because they take up less space on a rack. Meaning you can fit more xserves in a rack than you can G5 towers (at least in their current form factor). The Virginia Tech supercomputer may have been limited to space, instead of money, forcing them to use 1100 instead of what would have been far more if the G5 xserve had been released at that time.

    The Xserve in that situation would be preferable, but was not an option.
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    the other thing that could have influenced their decision is resale. They could eventually sell these computers to students.. say 4 years from now when the G6 Xserve:) is released.
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    Again, not my argument. My main point is just that they're not going to be surprised when a G5 comes out. Whatever their reason, be it time frame, which sounds completely reasonable, I'm sure they made an informed decision to go with the towers. My only argument was against a stupid comment made earlier:

    "the hot pockets guys from virginia tech won´t be too happy when the g5 server goes out...."

    It's a lame comment implying that this person knows something that VT doesn't.
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    Oh, you clever clever little bast-ards. Apple and Virginia Tech... Why oh why haven't we seen any results of the G5 supercluster lately???

    I was thinking it was because they missed the deadline, or were too embarrassed by the results or something... But now I see that there has been a little plot brewing for some time now. Apple will release the G5 X-serve to coincide with the release of the G5 supercluster results.

    What PR!! clever, clever, clever....
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    > I remember when Seymour Cray heard that Apple bought a Cray to design their
    > next system. Cray used a MAC to design his system. ALthough he laowys
    > prefered a #2 pencil and the back side of quad ruled graph paper.

    Now some Macs are faster than crays.

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    The new list for supercomputers isn't released yet. I suspect and hope that the Viginia cluster will be fairly high on the list. If they had used more nodes, they could have easily been in the top five. As it is, they will do okay but may have competition from other recently built systems. I wonder how long it is going to take for someone to best NEC? Maybe the the U.S. DoE willl buy 10,000 G5 Xserve nodes someday to make it happen.

    Cray still makes computers that are more powerful than Macs for certain kinds of problems, but they are much more expensive than a cluster of cheaper workstations. Clusters stole much of their business. Cray has actually begun to offer some clusters as well. Cray is very dependent upon large corporate and government contracts that have been few and far between lately.

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