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Gallery Security

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Resist, May 21, 2011.

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    I'm trying to learn the MobileMe Gallery features and am having a problem understanding the security of it. I don't want all my pictures to viewed when I send out a link to friends. And sometimes I only want one picture viewed. I can't figure out how to prevent my friends from seeing my entire gallery of pictures or albums. Because once they get the link, then all they have to do is change it in the address bar. For instance, lets say I send them the link http://gallery.me.com/sam#100001/IMG_0000. All they have to do is change it to http://gallery.me.com/sam to see my entire gallery. These are not a link to my gallery, I just made them up and discovered I got into someone's gallery which just proved my point.

    So either I am missing something or there really is no security privacy for the gallery.
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    I also can't seem to find any information on how to correctly use the Gallery. Are there instructions somewhere?
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    You can "hide" albums in your gallery.

    Highlight the album you don't want public. Go to settings and check Advanced: Hide Album on my Gallery page.
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    It's easy to get around the Hiding Albums thing by changing the URL address, as I stated in my first post. But I also want individual photos within the album hidden, not the whole album. I don't want everyone I send a link, to be able to view certain photos or albums. Didn't gallery used to have a password option or is that just for iDisk photos?
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    Not sure that is true. If an album is hidden from your gallery, it's hidden (I think)

    Not sure you can do that. Maybe your needs are beyond the scope of MM. Dunno.

    Make separate albums for only those photos you want to share.

    Seems like you have some very individual needs that MM might not support.

    Good luck with it.
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    Actually no it's not kept hidden. Only the My Gallery button on the upper left top of the linked page is removed, when you hide an album. You can still get into that album by changing the URL address as I said in my first post.

    You would think that MobileMe would have a password option for each picture and album. This makes no sense to me that it doesn't. Especially since iDisk has this ability.
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    Sorry man that just isn't true. Just tested your theory. Even changing the URL to http://gallery.my_gallery/xxxx does not display albums that are hidden.
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    Now when I did it, it didn't work either. Very strange because it worked before.
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    But I think you did it using another person's random name (Sam). We have no idea if he had any albums protected in his gallery. Anyway I think it works correctly for albums you don't want the public to see but as you say there doesn't seem to be a way to pick and chose only specific photos.

    Maybe you should protect all the albums you don't want to be public and create just one that is totally public and put the photos you want to share with the world in there. Only thing I can think to do. :apple:
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    Go to Safari in your menu bar and click on "Empty Cache". Then look...
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    Yes I did that, but I had also tried it on my own MobileMe account.

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