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Game Programming for iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by Manshy.iPhone, May 8, 2011.

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    hello, good evening :)

    i hope every thing is ok (Y)

    i started to make an iPhone Application Since tow month ... but i want to start making iPhone Games ... but i didn't know how ... so, any one have an any information .. plz tell me ... and thanks in advance
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    More information is going to be needed. What type of game do you want to make ? The choice of frameworks you'll use (be it OpenGL ES, Quartz 2D, AVplayer, Audio Queue Services, OpenAL, etc..) are very much dependant on what you want to accomplish.

    Also, do you want to write it all yourself as a learning experience or do you just want to get to market quickly ? There are also a big choice of pre-made game engines you can use, basically writing quick LUA scripts for logic and making graphics.

    Your post does not help us help you in any way. If you give us an indication of your programming experience and what you want to accomplish for a game, we can better help you.
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    i have developed some of games before but for PC not for mobiles .. using OpenGL and XNA ... and watched some of UDK Engine Tutorials .. so, i have some experience and information about Game Development ... but i didn't try it on any mobiles platform ... but i wan't to learn OpenGL ES .. but i didn't have any idea for what i can do(For Instance "Reading, Watching Tutorials, Books") i don't know .. i haven't any reference about it .. just i want to learn and then i will decide which game type i will make it :) .. and thank for Your interest
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    In that case, just grab any standard OpenGL ES 2.0 book, Xcode sets up everything for you and already has some rendering code in the template setup to display a box. The Blue book is probably the best reference, like the Red book is for OpenGL.

    From there, it should be straight forward if you already have experience on PC, mobile doesn't make it any different. You'll need to learn how to make touch input work, but that's mostly straight forward, just grab a book on iPhone programming from the topics at the top of the forum.
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    GameSalad is a fast and easy way to make 2D games - without coding! The basic software is currently free to use, so that might be a good place to start.

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